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Novacaine, r-kelly, & moi


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Re: Cocaine, r-kelly, & moi


Originally posted by HESHIANDET

ignition remix and mass amounts of yay go like PB&J! yahmsayin. im fuuuuuucked up kids. hahahahahhahahaha


you got me singing that to the tune of that song now (minus the "mass amounts of", doesn't flow)...haha

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i aint hatin fool.


never was.


your just a fucking dork talkin bout yay and pb&j.


cant front like thats not dorky is all im sayin.


sides....aint you breakin rules mr. moderator.


nahh....im just playin fool. for real.


and for the last time.


where i live fool is a term of endearment and commroddory...how ever the fuck you spell comroddoerrysereserrr. (sp)?


yeah...its like beer 20.

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see how coke is kids?


first, Heshski bust up in here and plays it tough... then he disappears, probably to go bang that hot neighbor of his that he's been gettin in on, but the coke is gonna fuck with his dick and he'll never tell us aout that...


but, here go the alcoholics, steady drunk and dependable, with a house not an apartment...


make the right choice kids, smoke weed.

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Originally posted by webmaster


There's plenty of more interesting stuff to talk about than the blunt you and your boys smoked. Save those discussions for another board, cause drug topics aren't tolerated here.

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