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ok.. i've got a few star tats floating around on my carcass in various spots, and now i wanna get two more under my arms..


the problem is that everyone under the fucking sun has a star tattoo SOMEWHERE on their body and it kinda chaps my ass.




they arent nautical.. just ultra wide outline work with a solid color fill.. outline is like 1/4 inch thick and they are all 3 inches wide *(i use em kinda like milestone markers.. for when big things happen)* well i got engauged *(or castrated.. which ever you prefer)* and so i wanna get one on the arm.



before i get a lecture about how i shouldnt get tats for shit like this.. whether i like it or not in the future it is a significant part of my stupid life.. and thats the point. so even if it sucks, i'll always remember the suck.




so what do you think? time for something new? i was thinking maybe just big circles in the same manor as i previously described.. 3 inches with 1/4 outline.. just wanna keep it simple and ambiguous




p.s. i need to go back to fucking spelling class.

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Originally posted by -Rage-

I call them emo stars.


figured as much.



thats why i wanna stray away.. i've already got a good number of these fuckers.. but i love stars.


and PLEASE dont pigeon hole me into the emo star thing.. i got my first few when i was 16.. so that was... 7 years ago.


way before emo would have gotten past my cypress hill listenin ass.

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haha. while searching for rage's line tattoos i found:


"I just recently got my first tattoo. It is a rose in a spiderweb w/my name in a ribbon wrapped around the stem.

This tattoo is unique b/c of the many trial and errors I have been through.....and even though I struggle somewhat the red rose w/ribbon(name) let's me know that I will always be who I am; but more LO-VE-LY than before! "



"I've got a big tribal tat that goes underneath both of my boobs. the ride side is all swirly and pretty and the left side is jagged and harsh. there's some shading that runs between my boobs and down my stomach. on top of my boobs it becomes kind of a tentacle thing with a diamond in the middle. people can't help but stare at it and guys always buy me free drinks at the bars!!!! score!!! "




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i couldn't find any pics of method man's tat but it's on his forearm. it is written in some old style fancy writing and it says Death when his arm is down and when he turns it up it says Life. it's a sick tattoo, and it's hella funny listening to him explain it. "An' when I turn my arm up, BLAHH!!! LIFE!!!"

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Those stars are played.


It's really too bad becasue they are such a classic look.

I was thinking of something nautical, just because I <3 the sailing,

but now it's so common to have that theme.


I think that a classic turks head know with the rope texture would make a good tat.



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i say you get whatever you want...and not worry what is played..as long as you dont get a fuckin tribal band...i mean if you want stars get them...if you start getting what people tell you to get then you probably wont be happy with it later...and stars arent played in a sleeve sense...if you are planning on getting sleeves then i say get them...they are easy to add on to..a lot of people do have stars...but then again..if you have any piercings think about how many people have those...if i was you i would just get what i know i would like to see on me everytime i look in the mirror...i have 3 tattoos...and they could be concidered played but i like them and i dont care what people think about them.,..i have about 5 or 6 already drawn up at the shop and all i have to do is go down and pay to get them..shit is expensive at times though...especially for stomach pieces...

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- Suns

- Dolphins

- Tribal bands

- Barbwire. This was never cool to begin with.

- Chinese characters. Especially if you are not Chinese.

- Really small tattoos. What's the point?

- Disney or any patent cartoon character with copyrights.

- Not paying extra for a good tattoo artist.



-Script and Old English.

-Organic themes.


-Latino art tattoos.

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so my tribal/barbwire armband with the sun with chinese symbol in it tattoo is played out?


thanks for telling me now.




getting where your from tattooed in old english lettering is not played out. my buddy showed me flicks of a guy who had "kobenhavn" on his stomach. easily one of the coolest tattoos ever.

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I'll likely never get a tattoo but I think tats that treat your bosy as a piece of work itself are cool...example:


- get a line with screws around your arm making it look like the connection of two pipes, a robot or some tin man shit. It would need to be very realistic and possibly have some rust


- get a tattoo of a zipper, realy anywhere, but again make it realisitic


- some design that threads across your fingers


- a worm or maybe a snake that weeved into your skin, like you see the tail sticking out on your shoulder, than a few pieces of its body sticks out and goes back into your arm, than its head sticking out at your writs covered in blood


- get a panel in your arm that makes it look like some old 70's technology computer stuff. If you had it look modern it might get played out the next time microsoft releases some new product and plus todays tech has no flavor....except my laptop


....as for your stars, assuming you are more into icon looking tatoos, I would invest some time into looking at beer labels. Not the corny indy rock pabst bull shit but micro brews and the like. Also there is a lot of art that I cant even name but it uses dark lines and pastel and bold coloring with little shading. It was particularly popular in the 70's graphic design stuff but I beleive the style might have originated as real art in france...you still see this used in some cafes and sort of hipster yuppie establishments but the style is universal and easily transformed.



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this thing is more played out already than stars will ever be... i saw 4 different people ask for that tattoo in one day once...


as for the lines thing, i have one 1/4 in. thick line going around my forearm, another that doubles around my elbow, and another around one of my fingers... i'm gonna be doing the same on my other arm eventually...


and for something to commemorate getting married or whatever- go for it, i have a tattoo that i got when i got engaged and we're broken up now, but she was a big part of my life so it's not like if i got rid of the tattoo then i'd forget about her...

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