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The Photography Thread


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some of my stuff from highschool alot are scanned from journals I would make all of these 35mm film shot with a Canon A-1







I have tons of negative strips to scan so I can really edit them and make them look good but so many are damaged so its pretty painstaking so for now just these "book" scans

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Good to see some more stuff up in here recently, and a few people back posting regularly!

Nice to see some shots from you SM, good stuff. Mercer, loving the Instagram lately, straight killing it man.


Some random digital stuff.


Osaka -




Back home now so here's some shots from rural NSW -









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if someone wouldnt mind shooting me a PM about what i need to do to be able to post flicks,

and by that, i dont mean the mountain image thing, i mean i made a flickr acct and have no

idea how to get the flicks on here, id greatly appreciate it.


sorry for the interruption, keep all the great work coming.

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Daily operation i like those forest photos!


Thanks! But your forest motorcycle photos are much better, haha. Makes me want to shoot colour film again.

Okay, over the digital shit now. Here's a couple from Japan. Finally processing everything. Still have a lot to get through but I'm working towards an exhibition.


Osaka, Japan. Ricoh GR1 - Fuji Neopan 400 - Rodinal @ 1:25.










Feat. 12oz Prophet tee.

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The weather was perfect when we went.

The sun would beam down into those hallow rocks and it looked like

someone flipped on a light switch 0_0

I was afraid tho that it was too bright.

I was shooting with film and nothing was registering on the light meter.

Luckily that didnt make me stop shooting.

Almost all of them came out!

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