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The Photography Thread


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Like these!


Grumpy cat by the way.


What film was used?

Colour is very nice indeed.



I just use some crappy 35mm Rite aid brand 400 ISO.

It's usually buy one pack get another free.

Tryna do this film on the cheapy cheap.

I'd like to play around with other films in the future tho.

Seems neat.



OMG, Those shelves are great!

The color and temp iz primo!

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What's up everyone? I haven't posted in this thread in forever!


I put together a little zine of a bunch of pictures taken with my medium format camera. It's 40 pages, full color and is mostly graffiti, tunnels, exploring, etc....








$10 plus shipping. email me at harshtruthofthecameraeyephotos@gmail.com


if you're interested in getting one

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So, since the Texans did not make it to the Super Bowl, my request for New Orleans was denied by the NFL. But I did receive approval to shoot the 2013 NBA All-Star game here in Houston. This is a collection of my best shots:



Rising Stars Challenge











I was hired by Nike to shoot their big "Area 72" event at the Houston Galleria. I shadowed the primary video guy. We were the only ones with access to the players from beginning to end. It was awesome.
















They shut down the mall and the streets around the mall due to overcrowding and the mini riot that Lebron caused when he decided to exit thru the food court instead of the area that HPD secured.


After the Nike event, I was invited to shoot the red carpet at the annual 2Kings Dinner hosted by Lebron and Jay-Z:
























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awesome work in here as usual!

Marco those are great....you lucky bastard...ahhaha


Went on a snowboarding trip to Quebec!

Just had my point and shoot canon, doesn't do the pictures justice!

The sun peeking out above the clouds






Frozen faces



and a pano from the Notre Dame in Montreal


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Hey Banana just got propped for the "figures in the window" (picture of yours I quoted);

think the guy actually ment to rep you... : ]


Oh! Haha. Oh well!




and a pano from the Notre Dame in Montreal



I remember one of my favorite things about this thread use to be

the constructive criticism people would give to one another.

So I spose I'll do that.

Please dont take offense. I am not trying to be a jerk.

I just think theres things going on in this photo that are really awesome

and if you just did a lil bit extra it would be amazing.


So yeah feel free to let me know as well if my photgraphies could be better.

Things can always be better. :]


I'll start by telling you what is really good about this photo.

The light GOOT DAYUM. It's great. Iz dramatic and the lighting you have here

tells me I am looking into a place like Notre Dame.


The color in this is also really amazing. There is blue, purple,

green, yellow,black, orange, etc.

Lots of great color going on that look good together.


The one thing that would push this button of joy into infinite bliss is the composition.

Where am I looking from. Am I upside down? Spooky scary topsy turvy my friend.



Where I circled would make a much better straightened point.

The light coming from the center, and the statue already draws you into that area.



The dashed lines should be the line from the center.

I meant to make a dash line where that arrow is by the yellow light.


Anyways It would give your photograph

a lot of shape,line, and direction. Kinda like this -0-.

The great thing about this image you have here is that the lighting is creating these lines and supporting all the shape that is going on here.

Just move it up from the left and you are centered (I think). Basically get rid of the person.

Unfortunately this person does nothing for your picture.

It's distracting and causes your photo to be ill composed.

Focus on the architecture.


Again. Prease dont take offense.

I only offer my opinion on this becaues I think the color and light you caught here is fantastic!

If I could capture light like this I'd be stoked!

Also iz from new iphone? If so I need to get one.

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