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The Photography Thread


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Awesome! looks pretty rad, how many pages?


i recently did a memorial book about my grandma for the rest of the fam, came out pretty good i think.








it was cool to go through the process. working on a book of my flicks at the moment, but it's pretty tough to edit yourself. especially not being a "series" type of photographer. but it's fun.


I should bump this now that I've logged in again, haha. My book was 10 double sided I think.

This one looks rad though, the pages of scanned letters rule man. That shit looks good!


I'm slowly trying to edit all of my photos to do a real book now I've done a test one. But I'm in Japan in 2 weeks and will want to make a book of that stuff too. Maybe I'll do that first then do a general personal one.

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Anyone in here familiar with New Orleans? I'm going for a few days at the start of June and am wondering if there are any must see spots that are off the beaten path/away from your standard tourist affair. I'm sure I'll be spending time wandering the French Quarter street shooting and will probably try to catch a bus or tour to one of the cemeteries or out to the swamps, but I'd love to find some areas that are still largely abandoned/destroyed where I won't get shot in the face for wandering around and trespassing. Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck about bars/clubs, and restaurants will be easy to come by, so there is really no reason for me to ask in Ch0. I should also mention that I won't have access to a car.


I'm guessing this is a shot in the dark since only like 10 people frequent this thread, but it's always worth a try.

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