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The Photography Thread


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Took this with my phone. It felt like a Kodak moment so i went for it. I have a Samsung Flight 2 i takes pretty good pictures cant really complain but am hoping to get an iphone sometime soon. I have to get my samsung sl420 fixed. When it was dropped it fell on its lens. Im hoping the cost to fix it is at a reasonable price. Otherwise i might as well get a new one



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These are some Photos of my grandfather when he was a kid in the late 30's early 40s i think. Photos were taken by my great grandfather whom I never got to meet. Just thought i would share a few ..












With my great grandmother ^ Time sure does go by

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Plus a whole lot of other good stuff in the last couple pages. Heading out tomorrow to make a 1400 mile move, back to my hometown. Should be getting out a lot more, which will hopefully equate to me actually shooting some photos that I like. Probably gonna be picking up a new camera in the not too distant future too.

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Hey, guys... I logged in without being told to log out. Fuck yeah. Maybe I can post here again.


Anyway, got a voucher from this competition I entered. Made a test book. It was a pretty fun process, stressful though, going through so many photos for a certain amount of pages, trying to make it all read well.

Once I'm back from Japan I'm definitely going to start working on getting something published. No doubt. Here's a few pages from my little mock up book.











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Awesome! looks pretty rad, how many pages?


i recently did a memorial book about my grandma for the rest of the fam, came out pretty good i think.








it was cool to go through the process. working on a book of my flicks at the moment, but it's pretty tough to edit yourself. especially not being a "series" type of photographer. but it's fun.

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