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The Photography Thread


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Just got an email from someone at Spin magazine asking if they could use a photo I took for an upcoming issue. So fucking hyped on that.


Anyway here's some shots from my Pentax 645. Funny/weird story about the first photo. I was driving back from Long Beach to Oakland a few weeks ago and I'm about an hour and a half from home off the I5 and I have to piss so I pull off the next exit and there's an abandoned auto garage and an abandoned gas station and nothing else around for miles. So I notice the garage has some graffiti on it so I grab my camera and snap a photo and I'm walking back to my car and out of nowhere this dude comes up to me and is like can I help you with something? I was like nope just taking a photo and he was like well this is private property and you're trespassing. I tell him it's cool I was just leaving anyway. Still have no idea where dude came from and what he was even doing there...











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been spending so much time at school close to 40 hours a week and that's just working that doesn't include class and homework time that i was draggin my feet to do this assignment


my buddy pretty much forced me to shoot it. It took me about an hour to fall in my groove but once i did the ball started rolling and i was pretty happy with the final product. Any comments ?


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Bronica SQ-AI w/80mm f/2.8 PS - Ilford SFX 200 - Hoya R72 filter. Developed in Rodinal 1:50.

A first attempt at semi-infrared stuff, very grainy. Next time I'll choose a day with some clouds, light was far too harsh. Also longer dev times in the future. Will be shooting Efke IR820 too.

















Leica M6 w/Voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 - Tri-X @1600 in Rodinal 1:100 for 2 hours.


Got a new blog up, still in the process of setting it up, trying to post more technical information and write more. Check it out and whatnot.



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