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The Photography Thread


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Maybe wait it out a while, as I was told last night "This is called the Nikon 1 for a reason"

It's the first camera of this type and a whole new market, so I'm sure soon enough they will be looking at a '2'. I know they're seeing what people think of the camera aesthetically at the moment and seeing what could change.


I hated the camera before I used it, I thought it was ugly as fuck. It still is, haha, but it actually performs really well. Took one out on the streets last night to road test and was pleasantly surprised.

Usually hate electronic viewfinders but it's probably the best I've used.


Enough camera talk from me though! The shots above were from the M8, we haven't been getting along but I'm giving her another chance. Happy with the colours on them.

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I also had my nikon training last night. I think the 1v is okay, the multiple shot then camera choosing the best photo is kind of dumb. So is the photo motion thing with the music. The camera will be a good seller but no manual focus on the lens is a definite no for me.


also, where do you put the film in?


They rented out a whole science center museum thing for us to shoot in. I ended up using my m6 but this was shot with a p7100 before our testing.


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Anyone interested in buying a Nikon SB600 flash? Works great and comes in the original box. For some reason the manual is in Spanish, but I'm sure if you need the instructions you can probably find them online if needed. Selling it for $150.


Or if anyone has a used Tamron 10-24mm lens for a Nikon they wanna sell get at me. I smashed mine today and took it to get repaired and they told me it was gonna be at least $250 to fix plus 4-6 weeks til I get it back and I really can't go that long without a lens.

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