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The Photography Thread


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Where are you going? My favorite B&W is Efke 50 or Efke 25, but they're super slow and you have to be somewhere with bright sun.


My least favorite is probably Kodak Tri-x, but only because it's so dang curly it's hard to scan.


If you're going to get any slide film I like Fuji Velvia, but I love the super saturated stuff.

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upper kananaskis lake.


you've got two options for b/w. c41 or true black and white. Getting real b/w developed may require you send it out or do it yourself. true b/w is much much much much much uhhh much nicer.


true b/w:

Ilford hp5 or delta 3200

fuji neopan 1600


c41 b/w:

ilford xp2, you'll need to tweak this stuff in post.





Portra 400 or the old 160's



kodak 100e or g

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fuji neopan 1600

Neopan 1600 is unfuckwithable. Definitely one of my favorite films. Contrast like whoa, can easily handhold at night in the city/anywhere with a little bit of light, and can still look great in the day if you don't mind some grain.



While we're on the topic, here are a couple photos of mine from probably 7 or 8 years ago, shot handheld with neopan 1600 in an Olympus OM1. Scanned negatives on whatever shitty scanner i had at the time.












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I don't like shooting 1600-3200. I prefer just to shoot 400 and push it. Plus I can manage with 400 at night alright. I'd probably say take 400 for travel, maybe a roll or 2 of 3200 but for general purpose 400 is great.

Take some portra 160NC for your colour stuff, then come back and fill the thread with amazing pictures from your travels!

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You have a great eye. This flick is so simple yet so amazing at the same time.


t4 portra. Close to the same place as last time, this one was in the evening. 35mm focal instead of 50.


The colors on this one are amazing. I've always sucked with getting the colors I want out of the photo.


Something from today.


Pressure drop by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


Don't by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


Contact by Ethiopiate, on Flickr


Engine by Ethiopiate, on Flickr

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IM gonna order some film for some upcoming trip. Film shooters. what do you prefer?


Ektar, portra, and superia is what I'm thinking, but would like some suggestions on bw film, as I dont use it much.


I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you're flying with film make sure to carry it with you on the plane. The baggage that is checked on the cargo goes through a much stronger x-ray, and it can mess up unprocessed film. If the film has already been developed it is not a problem though.

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I've read that only certain film speeds are affected but can't remember now what they were--if it was fast film or slower film. I took about 20 rolls of film with me once, flying out of a small airport in Long Beach to Seattle, and asked them to hand-check the film (I carried it on with me)--she had to go through each roll and test it for various chemical residues, took forever. I decided next time I'll mail the film to wherever I'm going ahead of time. When I was done with my trip I just had it shipped home.

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