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The Photography Thread


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like that redscale qsysue


yeah after not shooting in front of people (hardcore show pics) or in front of people in general

i get a bit embarrassed of asking to shoot peoples portraits on the street

i've missed a bunch of good ones too. i saw some mental lady peeking through a mini van window looking for some unknown stalker, light/reflection was perfect. i felt bad

i have to get over that. I don't talk too much even at work

so it makes it a bit difficult to approach people and take their picture. but subject matter is getting boring...


oh yeah i found out why i was having problems with the polaroid its iso is 80 not 100 that i was metering for. duh..

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I'm really shy about approaching people--even people I know--and in general I hate doing portraits of people. Candids are a different matter. So I know how you feel. But one thing that might make it easier for you is to do a "100 Strangers" project--or just tell them you are. Trying to take photos of 100 strangers, I mean. (I love the idea but could never actually do it. It'd require, you know, talking to people.)


I have a Flickr contact who shoots with a Hasselblad or something like that, and he has a rule that if anyone asks him about the camera, he has to take their picture. I like that idea too.

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If you can get used to blending in to what's around you then shooting people is easy. If you come across mad awkward trying to get a snap then people are gonna react, but if you act casual you should be fine. All about being comfortable in the environment you're in.

A lot of the time once people spot you they even let you take another photo.


When you ask you lose that moment you're trying to capture, but if you do just want a portrait of an interesting person just go up to them and say you're documenting the city for a personal project if you don't feel comfortable asking for a shot without reason. Most people are cool with it

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