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The Photography Thread


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Yeah, I heard of someone who got fired for tweaking a customers black/white points in their scans because they were supposed to charge more for that. Stupid. Once I get a scanner I won't have to worry.

Even Ilford Pan 100 has such a nice contrast, picks up on natural light so well.


This was shot on Ilford Pan 100. Matchbox pinhole with light leaks and screwed up frame spacing.

Exposure time... Around 8 hours? Watching me sleep. This was just for fun, I only put about 5 minutes into making it so I wasn't expecting any results at all.



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the last time we made a slip n slide.



most recently... This one was more painful. The last time we had more plastic at our disposal. This time we had 60 feet. It was good but not enough to make any kind of landing or stopping area. So we'd just fly onto the dry grass and weeds at mach speed and get all cut up.



Everyone got nice grass burns but none were as good as this. Showers afterwards are very painful.


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You guys are crazy.


Love that matchbox pinhole Daly.I tried making one a few years back but didn't have much luck with it. I've also tried an overnight exposure of me sleeping with my Zero Image,but something went wrong. I think I didn't have film in the camera or something stupid like that.


Efke 50 and Efke 25 are my favorite films. There's often a glow to the highlights.









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great photos to waffle,daily,and ohmygosh :p


i haven't posted in here in awhile as i've been really busy and haven't shot anything lately, but graffiti. anyway i got to go out yesterday with some photographer friends and we ran into these traveling dead head type kids hanging out in this abandoned building. i've always been into street photography, but i'm kinda shy and don't like asking random people if i can take their photos but these people were stoked on us being photographers, so i took this photo. i know it's a little out of focus which is a bummer, but hopefully after this i can work up the nerve in the future to ask more people to take their photos.



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good page, i like it overall. if i had to make one sole suggestion,

DEADHEAD should be in focus, like you mentioned, but big up for

putting yourself out there and doing something you usually wouldnt.



thanks yeah i was pretty bummed it don't come out in focus, but i'm just happy i'm finally working up the balls to ask strangers to take their photos.

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Redscale is exposed backwards, so they technically scanned the negative the right way. Some people leave their redscale backwards after scanning, I tend to flip mine in photoshop.


You can make your own redscale with reloadable film canisters.


Love how the water in the pool looks like molten metal.

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