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The Photography Thread


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I refuse to process my own color film. Unless you have the right gear or you don't mind fucked up film then it's best to send it out.

Then again, when you shoot in bulk from 35mm to 8x10 there's no sense in buying a boat load of color chemistry.

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I figure eventually almost all film will be out of production. Might as well be able to make your own.


Fortunately my husband's a mechanical engineer and enjoys building ridiculous machines. :) Someday...I'll be selling you film! Ha.

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wonk saggin



rage, recommend me a photo school

i think im trying to take pictures, acquire debt






my niece had a dance recital. she's 5. this shit was so bizarre.

took this there during some stairway to heaven shit.




it's been raining a lot.







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Congrats on your award--I'd love to see the pic(s) that won it for you.


Random photos from the last few weeks. Anyone think I'm overdoing it on the color saturation?


I love the pic of the boats. I tend to like highly saturated pics.


Finally got a step up ring for my Holga so I can do macros...this was from a test roll:




I need to do some more testing to figure out focal distances with different close up filters.

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