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The Photography Thread


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Sooo yeah, this is pretty raw.

Not trying to bum anyone out with these pictures but i feel i gotta post em somewhere.

I guess this sixteen year old girl was texting while driving, smashed thew the center wire divider into on coming traffic .Two passengers in the car somehow survived. I had a gut wrenching feeling for hours after passing that accident site. On edge the whole drive home. Reality check.


Link to news story













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No one in here? Like i said i felt like posting them somewhere. They evoked emotion. Didn't mean to kill the mood or anything. Moving on.



This thread is centered around putting thought and skill behind each shot and perfecting the craft of photography.

Those shots were taken with one hand while steering with the other, and they're of something we've all driven past on the highway before.


Not knocking you or anything, they're just not in line with what this thread is about really about.

Had you got out of the car and really taken your time to carefully capture that emotion you witnessed first hand, we might feel it ourselves.

Photography, or more specifically moving others with your photo's is a lot harder than it looks.

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