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The Photography Thread

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hi guys


I was just wondering if you could help a gal out... like some of you, putting in your xmas wish list in.. I'm in the same boat and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for some good, reasonable accessories for the Canon G12.


I'm trying to do some research online but all the photography lingo is confusing and i'm in between noob and medium grade noob. A lot of the forums or blogs I've been to talk about speedlights and lens's. If yall could suggest some reasonable ones, (or any other "must have" accessories, i'd greatly appreciate it :)

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so i started a new flickr account for my non graffiti and music shots if anyone wants to add me as a contact it's http://www.flickr.com/photos/walteryetman. here's some shots from that account. i figured it's time to start shooting other stuff as i'm wearing out all my graffiti spots and there's no good shows i wanna shoot coming up. anyway a few from this weekend....





not sure if i like this one or not....






this last one might not be SFW just a heads up. it's a dead cat photo....



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Okay so a friend of mine wants to sell me his t2i

for $600. I really want this camera mainly for the

video, because I planned on starting to film small

shits, but didn't want to lug around a bigger camera

plus i dont have the loot. Figured it would be more

compact and less of a hassle to have around. I've

been getting into taking pictures lately since I

noticed the capability of my carl zeiss. So basically,

I wanted to know if its worth it or if anyone knows

of something that would work out better, shoot.

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I'm looking for something like this to throw into a backpack without having to carry around a separate camera bag, like a soft shell case for a body w/lens and a spare lens. Anybody know of anything like it?




The grey insert, not the bag. Preferably pretty skinny with a zip top.

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