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The Photography Thread

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feelin all those, crept. the first one is great.


oh_snap, how much did you end up spending on that fine piece of machinery? friend of mine has the d300s and it takes some serious photos. congratulations on your new purchase and i hope you use it to its fullest potential!

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$1,495. student loans, bought it as and upgrade from my d50 before starting at harrington college of design in a couple weeks. so stoked. me and mn1 are starting at the same time, so we'll be posting a lot of shit we're doing at school.

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My d50 was like, dropped about 5 feet to rocks out on a hike, well, onto a rock, and broke a small part of it, still shoots like a dream. Probably been through around 250000 exposures since I've had it.


yeah, i bought my d50 in 2006, so i'm absolutely sure i've gone through around the same amount of exposures with it. definitely not going to get rid of it. although, i never get rid of cameras. i still have my fm10 that i started shooting with when i was 14, even though i haven't loaded a roll in it for a couple years. i just don't like getting rid of my cameras.

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So I got about $1500 in my financial aide left over from this quarter and the D90 is $1259. should i got for it? My girl gots a Canon t1i and its pretty good, better than my Nikon P90. But will D90 last a few years? Should I wait for another camera to go down in price?

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dont buy a new dslr body. they get outdated quickly. pick a brand get a nice lens and the get a used body.


i wouldn't suggest using financial aid to buy a camera but thats 100% up to you


Well its goes directly to the school so Im kind of stuck with choosing from their site. But thanks.

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