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The Photography Thread

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I never post anymore. heres some nonsense I had lying around since I dont have any good new stuff to show right now. my excessive drinking on weekends is interfereing with my photo time. I work or sleep throught most daylight these days...



all mine, random times and places:






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big thumbs up for the darkroom we made in my friends basement. I have a handful of new 8 by 10 photos i developed earlier tonight, all older pictures, but i'll try to scan them tomorrow possibly, since i haven't had anything valid to add to this thread in god knows how long.

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this picture.....


man i sat and looked at it forever... all i kept thinking was "what if someone wore a black suit?"


its freeky




[edit] i just realized its uniforms.. dammet

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why isnt this thread alive and kicking? shit. heres some stuff from the first roll on my FE2. I shot about 3 or 4 good portrait shots, but I'm not sure if any will make it on here. as much as I want to post them. I tend to over expose ever so slightly, but now that I'm spot metering its getting a little more noticable. but it works in most shots.





yeah, its played light light streaks. but still. what better way to test my depth of field preview.

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47b4dc31b3127cceb805e04c84030000001610 my first photo ive developed myself in a darkroom.....i had a buncha problems which led to the greyness and shit of the print; namely that my friend was usinf TRI-X 400 and i was using some random kodak shit which none of us had any idea how to process..this caused the negatives to come out dark as hell, i didnt use a contrast filter when enlarging and shit. but, its my first photo i took and developed so im happy with it-ill get better over time








thats alota typing

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