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The Photography Thread


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Guest JohnLester#31

This weekend was a nice weekend to be at the beach on the East coast. Much thanks to hurricane Bill for the rip tides, even though people weren't suppose to be out in the water. Never saw 10+ footers before; I can only imagine what the Pacific looks like.


Here's a shot of my boy getting smothered.




Made it out alive.



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Guest JohnLester#31

I would like that pigeon one a lot more if that guy behind it wasn.t there. Nice shot though.


Gotta love peanut M&M's.


haha those are awesome


Thanks. That was Nantasket.

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Guest JohnLester#31

This is a friend of mine who was in a wedding this past weekend. Funny thing about her is she never wears makeup or cares to dress up, so it was nice to see a picture of her like the one below.


Not taken by me, but she sent it to me to edit for her.










How else would you guys edit, from the original?

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realized a lot of my photos have been pretty depressing, doesn't really reflect where im at, no place is that simple. here are some 'happy' photos:

















this kid doing the stanky leg. i have another shot of the kid in profile, with the guy laughing in the background in focus. which do you think is better?


on a technical note, im trying to do more portrait orientation shots. i do horizontals too much.

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Portrait is better for people.


What wrong with depressing? Aren't you there to tell a story? And I answered your question on the last page. If youve got aim, id love to talk to you about this shit.


Edit: To mayormenino


Mercer like the flicks, the night ones great. Ive always wanted to do start trails way the fuck out in the country but have never gotten out there.

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Thats honestly the first time I've taken any shot where you can even see stars.

I used my flash about 15 times in that pic and you can see it just above the right of the blue tarp.

I thought I made sure I didn't fuck up using the LCD on the camera but oh well, still like that pic though.

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I present to you Lucas (depressing ass story to follow)---


10 years old and blind. Born with sight, fell out of bed as a toddler and needed stitches on his head. The doctor fucked up and severed the nerves that go to and from the eyes. His parents are crackheads, he lives with his grandmother. His brother was a drug dealer, the day before he was killed, he gave Lucas a piano. Ever since, he has been completely obsessed with the piano, plays at the jazz school I got my grant from as much as possible, about 4 hours a day:
















this photoshoot depressed the fuck out of me. what i really like about how the photos turned out though is that they're not depressing at all. instead, they show how happy the piano makes him (even if there's no piano in the shot), despite all the immense bullshit he has to deal with always.

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