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actually,i started this thread to hear some other people's opinions about some cd's that i have. i will give my opinion first,but i want to hear other people's true,unbiased opinions.


this cd was disappointing to me. expected a next step up from aenima,but i find i still like aenima better. the only progression i see is in danny carey's drums and the length of the songs.

2.afi-art of drowning

i love this fucking cd. a different sound from black sails in the sunset (which most people seem to like better),but i like this album's sound. also on a sidenote,i recently saw afi at warped tour. if anyone has a chance,go see these guys when they come through.


these are the only two i felt the need to start a topic about. give me your feedback,or post a review about a cd you like/dislike. thanks.

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Guest beardo

phish - 12/30/99 - 3rd set (disc 5)

mike's song>simple>i am hydrogen> weekapaug groove

encore: boogie on reggae woman, tweezer reprise


OKAY this is a sick ass disc.. getting much play on my discman. although the sound quality isnt top notch it gets the job done. this mikes song is pure evil! dark/syth/distortion just the way i like em. and long, around 15 minutes. transition into simple is perfect, pretty standard simple, kinda short. i am hydrogen.. just lovely, trey nails it. weekapaug is slammin, little funk jamming at teh end for good measure. encore.. im not a huge fan of boogie on, but this one is short so i dont mind. tweezprise is high energy, perfect way to close out any show. i give this disc an A+



[This message has been edited by beardo (edited 07-22-2001).]

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i have no idea whats this thread is supposed to mean, but heres my review.

sublime- 40 oz to freedom. sometime in like 1996.

fucking awesome album. greatest by sublime. a must have for any sublime fan. if you dont like sublime, you should buy this, cause it will make you like them. at first not all the songs were that good. but after 3 listens, you cant help but fall in love with the music. excellent lyrics, really tells shit how it is. baisicaly this album sums up my life. definately one of the best albums of its time, and the 90s for that matter. the music in this is pure genuis, its not studio funk at its best, its pure and raw. definatley a must have. excels all other sublime albums, its older but by far better than "sublime" the last album they made. scarlet begonias- great cover song. done with perfection. badfish- cant go wrong with this one. simply a great song. 40oz to freedom- great song. music and lyrics match perfectly. tells a good story. man, i really have nothing better to do.


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you know how sometimes you use the cd player in your 'puter for musical needs only to later forget about the cd's location? well I have been at last reunited with my copy of:


common sense - resurrection. like 1994.

//this album is a pure, through and through, classic. I know that most people will rag on hip-hop, and specifically, Common's mainstream ways of late. however, do not dismiss all of his work as hip-pop or overly sentimental. on this lovely LP he does what all musicians should strive to do: capture life. no one can deny that Common has soul, but this is the album for non-believers. his beats are noticeably mellow, allowing his vocals to be the showcase, but not quite overshadowing the smooth production. samples are used in the quality over quantity frame of mind, check the dominating Ayers' sample on Book of Life (#4). there are lots of standout tracks, but the genius of the album lies in the excellent use of varying track lengths. you can tell Common made this LP for himself, emphasizing personal experiences and thoughts over "flavor of the month" stylings. overall, this album is one of those rare pieces of art that evoke its own nostalgia (I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard it all the way through) while also allowing you to reminisce about whatever it is the music reminds you of.

here are MY favorite tracks off the album: resurrection, I used to love h.e.r., orange pineapple juice, watermelon, sum shit I wrote, chapter 13. although they are all skillfully put together and worthy of a listen. I give this album an A+. I want to see a Phish vs. Common fistfight, although someday they will be Rawkus labelmates (mark my words)//


please don't be dumb and reply with something along the lines of, "duuude, Phish broke up.. your an idiot." I know. and you're the idiot.


[This message has been edited by DISCO BRYSO (edited 07-23-2001).]

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