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dvd brewhaha

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so i went to hollywood video to pick up the Bowling for Columbine dvd to watch cus i wanted to soak in the whole thing a second time without the shock of it. well when asked where i could be directed to find it, the clerk answered this: "we arent carrying it" "excuse me?" "we arent carrying it. they wont release it after what he said at the oscars." now i find this as an ominous precedent to what can be expected in terms of censorship and america in the future. i dont support bush, but i support the troops in the fact that they they must follow orders, and they must fight to stay alive. reason or not, we are there. Micheal Moore exercised his first ammendment right to say what he liked on the subject. regardless of what he may have said, is that any reason to not release a DOCUMENTARY? fox news spits propaganda left and right and not a damn thing is done to censor that. i am all for the discussion and debate of ideas, however zealous they may be towards the left or right, but it is an outright kick in the balls to the constitution that we so "rightly" fight for.


anywho none of this is the point. does anyone have a bootleg of it and feels the need to share it with me. i can accept divx if anyone has it on that format...


i am new to the forum, but i been readin it a long time. figured it was time enough that i ran away and joined the circus.

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

whaaaaat? for real?? are you sure man, because when i went in a while ago, they said the release date had just been set back a while.




check amazon homie; shit aint out on DVD yet.






besides, if it had been censored or whatever, i would have read about it on his website.

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