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Here Comes The Night

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The beach boys song "here comes the night" could quite possibly be the best song ever made... after frankensteining 3 8 track players togeather i am finally able to hear this musical master piece in its fullest, and i must say... it is the best song ever made. period... has any one else experianced this phenomenon? if so id like to hear you feelings on the song.

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I love this shit


FORTY YEARS after I started listening to the fuckin' Beach Boys, kids are still talking about them. Man. You guys did this just to yank on my chain, din'cha?


BTW, I vote for "All Summer Long." Man, did I ever love that song.


I was trying to remember what album "Here Comes the Night" was on. Finally, I just looked it up on the net--"Wild Honey" 1967.


"All Summer Long" was in 1964. I was 13.

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AH. The "L.A." Album


I'd forgotten about that album completely. L.A. was supposed to stand for "light album" (this was during a period of time when the word "light" was being used to market all kinds of shit---"light" cigarettes, "light" beer, etc.) It was a play on words on "L.A. = Los Angeles" obviously.


I don't think I ever bought it. Can't remember. That was over thirty years ago. Jesus.

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Well... i dont blame you... the rest of the album was very ... sub par...

but, They remade here comes the night, trying to fit in with the passing disco craze, at the time they failed to get their foot in the already shut disco door. The last time it was released on CD was in 1989, and is very hard to find now, although i think ive seen it on ebay. If you get a chance to listen to that album though, your in for quite a treat.

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Yo, Webster


Let me see your skinny ass when you're sixty, fella. You'll be sportin' a beer belly the size of a weather balloon, I bet ya cash money. What? You think the Beach Boys weren't lean and mean in 1962? Sure they were. But NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, and man, I'd give anything to be 25 and carving green room rights at Trestle's again.



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