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april 27, 2003


yes otk= hardt...........


skating the other night was fun, i think it was because i managed to not even touch a sip of alcohol.... see mikro i aint no lush.. anyway


last night i was loose, not even drunk and the way that shit always pans out makes me feel like a ass in the morning, even when i dont drink or indulge in any mood or mind altering drugs. i cant stand this shit, the city of pgh is not the fucking place where anything is at, i hate it, nothing to do except drink, no good girls... AT ALL, carzy bitches only out to suck your dick then call you for the rest of your fucking life nagging the shit out of you forevvvver, then you got the fucking cops there grilling us like they are getting some overtime pay to do so, then you got the graff shit, which contains more politics than anything else ive ever seen in my fucking life, then you got..... ummm nothing thats why the fucking place sucks.


mikro never scored..... at least you dont feel all guilty about shit inthe fucking morning like umm what the fuck did i do, cause thats the way this cat is always like, i prolly told you some shit... and speak proper english.. ass


fuck me fuck you all fuck everyone else.. fuck ha



p.s. 400 degreez is a terrible record

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Originally posted by ese

This is my motherfucking thread. I'm too bent out of shape over nothing right now. I want to just drink and black out but I'll wind up puking instead. fuck. i banged my head against the wall for awhile but it didnt do any good. I need to just go to sleep so I can get up early tommorow and go look for a gun to shoot myself with.



i feel exactly the same way!!! i've kinda gone a little crazy lately.

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wow it seems i'm not alone. other people actually had bad nights last night too. like getting shit faced hanging over the toilet knowing the girl you really have feelings for is in the next room over fucking some loser. oh fucking well. life goes on

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Originally posted by Krook

hey mikro it sounds like u need a couple blunts and sum alcohol...


from wut i read u and ur crew drink a lot so throw a party kill the city and u'll feel better than ever;)

way easier said then done
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Aw, man, don't tell me that!


She's a computer image for real? Jeeze. That sucks. I'd like to think that cutie is actually out there somewhere, probably breeding a Master Race of People With Too Many Ear Rings.


Hey, it could happen.

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