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Do What You Got to Do


I've seen a number of young guys, teenagers, wind up in some serious trouble (like months of jail time) because of just stupidity. A friend of mine had two teenaged sons, who along with another teenager, carjacked a lady for a Ford Explorer at Wal-Mart. They used pellet pistols. I don't know what they were thinking, really. The third kid actually told the woman to "get in the car." She refused, thank God, otherwise they would have been guilty of aggravated kidnapping, as well as armed robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and so forth.


They then drove the Explorer to New Mexico, where they intended to go into the wilderness and "live off the land" (oh, brother--this is a true story, I swear.) In Carlsbad, New Mexico, they shoplifted a couple of CB radios (again, from a Wal-Mart) and got arrested. They were in jail in New Mexico for about six weeks or so, then New Mexico dropped the charges and shipped them home to Texas, where they faced all the serious felony charges.


The two younger boys (17 & 18) who were actually involved in the carjacking got eight years apiece in Texas Youth Commission. (They were damned lucky--and this was a "generous" plea bargain on the part of the Fort Bend county D.A.) The older boy(20) was convicted of accessory after the fact, and wound up doing about a year, then got out on five years parole. If he so much as spits on the street and gets caught, he goes back to Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for the full five years, in a regular Texas prison.


Believe it or not, these crazy sonsabitches thought that they would get a slap on the wrist and get turned LOOSE! And why? Because the 18-year-old, who was the son of a minister (I think) had been in trouble time and time again, and his parents got him out, time and time again. Runaway, vandalism, petty theft, graff, marijuana, you name it. Each time, the cops let him go, and told the parents "Get him some help before he really gets his ass into trouble."


Well, he's got eight years to grow out of being stupid. And after eight years of TYC, he may be more of a dumb ass than he was when he went in. He'll probably still be thinking he can get over and not suffer any consequences. One thing for sure, for the next eight years he won't be terrifying any women at gunpoint and taking their cars.


The oldest guy has been out for a while. Last I heard, his girlfriend had a baby and he was trying to get a job that paid enough so he could support them. I heard the younger of the two brothers may get an early release because of good behavior in jail. But the third guy, the guy that told the woman to get in the car, I think he's going to do the entire eight year bit. Some people just can't catch a clue.


The moral of this story is most likely lost on the people who need it the most. If the Juvenile Detention authorities had held the third guy on the first charge, most likely the other two would never have gotten into trouble, at least, not with this particular criminal mastermind, anyway. The fact that they let him go over and over and over just made him have more and more contempt for the law, and for society in general. These guys have no right to break the law, nobody does. Where did they get the idea they could commit armed robbery (or kidnapping, for Christ's sake) and not wind up in prison for ten or twenty years?


Have I ever broken the law? Sure I have, when I was young, and stupid. But I always knew there was a line beyond which one does not cross. If an individual in society does not understand that, and know where the line is, he is at SERIOUS RISK of winding up incarcerated for years and years and years. There are a lot of people in the U.S., and especially in Texas, who do not understand this, apparently, because we have about 2.1 MILLION people in jail in the U.S. Texas has more prisoners than any other state with about 144,000 at present.

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Re: Do What You Got to Do


Originally posted by KaBar

I've seen a number of young guys, teenagers, wind up in some serious trouble (like months of jail time) because of just stupidity.


About time we started sentencing dumb people to jailtime!


Haha, bad joke. But I really hate stupid people.





Good thread.

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Originally posted by Abstract Rationality

What if you're a permanent RESIDENT, not citizen yet, of the US...and you get locked up for fr8s??





Deportation? just a FINE? what do you guys think?


as of a few years ago in california if you're not a citizen you can get deported if you commit a "voluntary felony" or some shit like that, i cant remember the exact term. there was an article in the newspaper a few years back about a guy that was in his 20's that moved here from india when he was 1, got caught up for buying stolen car speakers, and was getting sent back to india... he didnt speak the language, know anyone there or anything. the law might have changed by now because of the attention it was getting - but if not, im sure felony premeditated vandalism on freights could get you shipped back if buying stolen shit can. i dont know how the other states work though, definately worth looking into though if thats your situation.

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damn ray.....motherfucker got sent back for buying speakers?


thats fucking rough.



freights can get you pulled hard. but as far as im concerned....i dont even understand why they hate on the millions of free art they recive in exchange for a ride. you know?

i dont understand why they dont hire us.

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