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Guest imported_Tesseract

Tesseract's Weekly Paranoia : CD life span

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Guest imported_Tesseract

So yeah, after getting a good digi i totally quit shooting film...i've shot aproximatelly 1500 flicks the last 3 months that with a draft calculation brakes down to:


30% everyday life flicks

10% stuff that get used in publications or for various business matters

10% documentations of travels

20% flicks to be used on various projects

30% things that relate to my studies, and some more 'serious' photography.


Whenever i get 650MB worth of flicks on my HD i burn a cd, and a backup cd just in case...heres where trouble starts.

Some of that stuff, as time passes by, will become totally insignificant...theres a large number of flicks that i could lose and dont give a fuck about it. On the other hand, the other half of that material could be described as highly valuable to me and my work...so i started tripping only to find a great forum page:


To anyone it may concern


Since ive noticed that most of you mutherfuckers cant read anything above five lines (the reason this forum is going to hell)

heres the best answer in there:


Recopying is the solution. Although Kodachrome may last longer than a CD ROM, it will loose it's quality slowly, and it will not be possible to take a new copy without loosing information. The great thing about digital is that copying is zero - loss, and every digital generation has a higher capacity than the one preceeding. The problem you may have is that of quality. Unless your scans are really good now, you may be dissatisfied with them within the decade if you're then able to take multi million pel snaps with a digital camera.

So use your CD rom writer, take at least two copies (as the biggest short term risk to your images is probably damage to the CD surface). In a few years time when you have a DVD writer, you will have 10-20 times the capacity of your current CD roms, so copy all of your images up. If the image isn't up to it then don't copy it. You must continue to do this copying to a new medium, otherwise you will end up with a shelf-full of shiny beer-mats, and no data. The copying will also get cheaper and cheaper, as data costs reduce.


In response to the point about loss of historically pertinent information if copying up is not done - I don't think this generation is going to have any problem with that. Anything you publish on the net is going to end up replicated hundreds of times - in archives, caches, proxies and saved locally by people.


Keep in mind that the page is from 97' and make the necessary technological translations.

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

do dvd writers really store 10-20 times as much as a cd-writer would? thats insane. you take tons of pictures too. ive taken about 700 in the 5 months ive had my digital camera. what camera are you using?

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Guest imported_Tesseract

A cd can hold a maximum of 700MB while DVD technology keeps stretching it:


DVD - 5 Single Sided/Single Layered 4.7 GB

DVD - 9 Single Sided/Double Layered 8.5 GB

DVD-10 Double Sided/Single Layered 9.4 GB

DVD-18 Double Sided/Double Layered 17 GB


My HD is 6GB :eek:


I use this>*

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Hi. My jaw just dropped.


How much did that camera cost you? Looks like a seriously sweet piece of gear. Damn, all the things I could do with money...

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