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Happy Birthday

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It was exactly 60 years ago (April 16, 1943) that lysergic acid diethylamide-25 was "born" at the hands of chemist, Albert Hofmann. In his quest to develop stimulants for the circulatory system via ergot (a rye fungus) he accidently created one of the more potent hallucinogens of our time.


The now 97 year old Hofmann was intereviewed 10 years ago about his infamous discovery. He reminisced about that fateful day, "on the way home I suddenly had hallucinations, a beautiful and pleasant trip. The only thing was, I could not at first explain what had made me so high."


Three days later conducted a direct experiment on himself with the LSD. He recalled, "I took what I then thought to be a very small amount, namely 25 mg. Then it all became clear ..."


Clear, indeed! hahahahaha


ps: Kids, 25mg is a LOT! We talking the equivalent of HUNDREDS of doses of what it would take to send someone over the rainbow (typically dosed in micrograms as opposed to milligrams!)

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however... I'm sure what he was taking was in a much more pure form that the crap on the street these days.

It's the other chemicals that really mess with you.


this will get closed

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