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I've been a hip-hop supporter my whole life, but my roomate was of the nyc gritty squatter variety and he turned me on to a little. my current taste runs along the lines of Leftover Crack // INDK. I also like Dillinger Escape Plan and a multitude of other bands. blah.

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Originally posted by CHIP7.MAYHEM.CBS.2001:




fuckin right. i was so about to list rise against as a matter of fact i am listening to them right now. and i dunno if any of you have any clue who most of these are cause from what it seems like u guys dun really know what punk is anyways but check out the teen idols, avail<big label but soooo many people over look them, and they are from va mother fuckers>, the queers, cooter, oh well thats about it for now. there are way many more. and oh yea inside out, more hardcore but still punk.







[This message has been edited by JinkZ aNd BrainZ (edited 07-17-2001).]

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Operation Ivy

Agnostic Front

Minor Threat


.. older stuff is always good.


At The Drive In ("punk"?)

Fugazi ("punk"?)

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These guys are all still around, representing it to the fullest:


Narcoleptic Youth (high energy, resembles 80's hardcore, from So Cal)


grimple(From New Mexico, known for being on gilman in the bay area, chaos orientation)


Atomic Bombs (Somewhat skatepunk, but still punk)

Litmus Green (Kinda crusty, but still 'inside the clique')


Total Chaos (I hate 'em, and they can all eat a dick)


The Unseen (From Boston, The lyrics usually talk about personal experiances, related to society)


D.I.(OC Punk Legends, as featured in the movie: Suburbia)


Vandals (more popular then DI - also in suburbia)


oxymoron (German band - good sounds)


conflict (UK, Oldschool,high-energy)

The Casualties (The lyrics could have been made by a 2nd grader)


pinkerton thugs (no longer exist, used to have Paul Unssen from Unseen as a guit. badass vox, good instrumentals)

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I made it a point to not list any real hardcore bands, alot of people on here are mentioning hardcore bands...


I mean, they sound different...Punk rock, compared to hardcore punk.


I just thought that was worth mentioning.

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Rudimentary Peni aka Rudi Peni





2 Can Sam

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