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taco bell bomber

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..I saw that truck everyday for three consecutive weeks. it haunts me in my dreams. I've also spotted it many times in the city too. that one and the sace truck that's constantly parked on 14th and 1st are burned into my corneal memory.


Rebel and Oze 108 = better than you.






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stop fixing your spots oze 108


Originally posted by OZE 108KYTOY

beating a dead horse...

i (oze) hardly even fought back when skrew clocked in the face. my boy friend/bodyguard genifer2 was the one that hit skrew. i just sat to the side bleeding. whether genny caught skrew in the lip, i cant say, we both halled ass out of there before we both got fucked up.

and grimey, if im such good people, why didnt u help me out that night?? did you even say a word to skrew? were you at least trying to clown him, "nice lip dude, you got handled"?? or were you jocking him for standing his ground by himself, " you served both them dawg"?

what really happened?

i (skrewmsk) am the real king of the world. check my rep! i have done straight letters all over the united states.there has been many graff mags that showcase my artwork! i decided to come out and tell the world that yes i have been posting my pics on here for over 6 years now.and yes i have been caught with every word i have ever wrote. and yes i have never kept a job longer than a year because i love to do straight letters and represent the hard ass krew out of la msk!so fuck all you toys im the lizard king i can do anything!
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