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Dick Quickwood

old school skateboarding

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for now 12oz is the closest to graffiti i can get. so guess what helps me pass the time ? old school skateboarding ! it all started a year ago when i got a longboard. a few months ago it got ran over by a car. so i asked a guy i saw with an h-street board if he wanted to sell it and 25 dollars later it was mine. now i will find pics of the old school stuff i have and post em on up.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Sorry to veer a bit off topic, but what longboard do you ride? I've been recently getting into it after my best friends started their longboard distribution company (check em out here if you're so inclined), and I'm digging it greatly... just wish I had the cash to buy one myself. So far I don't need to, cause these guys have all sorts of crazy shit lying around the house. So far I've been riding this a lot (Tierney 38"):




And I fucking love it, shit carves like no other. However it's a pain in the ass cause you can't ride it flat or do tons of things 4-wheelers can. But for hills it's unstoppable.


I'm thinking of purchasing a Loaded 38" Flex 5 when I get the bling though:




My second fave of the bunch and flat friendly... and the Randall trucks are unfuckable with. Price is steep though but we'll see...


Good thread, by the way. That Gonz crushes. Beer,


El Mamerro

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OLD, Old School Skateboarding


As in 1963. The Beach Boys were rocking the airwaves, stereos were "hi-fi," hot rods ruled the streets, surfboards were ten feet long and weighed like forty-five or fifty pounds, and the coolest kind of shoes were Ked's deck shoes or gum sole "desert" boots.


We wore Birdwell Beach Britches (universally known as "baggies") to surf in, and longer, sun-bleached hair, Wayfarer sunglasses ("Hollywoods") and T-shirts from name-brand surfboard shops (preferably in California or Hawaii) were de rigeur.


My very first skateboard (true story) was a 2x4 with a clamp-on shoe skate with steel wheels nailed underneath each end. We called the "suicide specials." You couldn't turn, stop, or anything else--just "RIDE", and real fast too.


My first commercially made skateboard was a Hobie. The local surf shop carried Hobie surfboards, and in 1963, they came out with a signature line of laminated pine-and-redwood skateboards with adjustable trucks and "composition" wheels. A hard skater could go through a set of wheels in a weekend. They were designed originally for traction on hardwood skating rinks. Concrete ate 'em up in no time.


By the time we hit ninth grade, almost all my friends were in the West Beach Surf Club (contemptuously known by the cooler surf clubs, like Treasure Isle Surf Club in Galveston as "West Bitch.") We had older friends with cars and trucks (one guy owned a 'woody" station wagon that I worshipped) and we spent every weekend in Galveston or Surfside, Texas, trying to make the best of the Gulf Coast's shitty ass surf.


When there was no surf, we skateboarded. I was still skating some when I was in my mid-twenties. I had some friends in Galveston who still owned a 12-foot plywood half-pipe in 1977. In high school, we rode multi-level parking lot ramps and the player's ramp at Rice University Stadium. A buddy of mine took a bad wipeout in a parking garage and broke his arm in 14 places. He could never skate or surf again. Almost lost the arm.


By age 30, I was finished skateboarding. I took a bad fall and said to myself "What the hell are you doing? You're THIRTY YEARS OLD. Get real." But I still surfed for about another year.


My last day surfing was in the winter near the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Freezing ass cold. Cramps in my legs. Near-hyperthermia. Fucking SHARKS. Fuck surfing. I was done. I gave my board and my wetsuit away.

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Wow Kabar's old. That would explain his looong sober replies.

I started skating in the old/new school transition.... it was a trip to watch boards shrink down and grow two tails and all the crazy tech street tricks that came with it...

I can't believe vision is still making boards! I just saw one in a catalog!

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MY uncle used to tell me storys about how he would skateboard with metal rollerblade wheels nailed to a board. My mom still has back problems today because mickey mantles son pushed her off her skateboard. NO lie.

My uncle was one of the first people to get the colledge pissed about skateboarding because they rode around the student center on blue clay wheels on the carpet that left blue tracks.

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