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1 quick toy sketch. come critique!!!

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i'll give you some advice. start out with simple letters. try not to make your letters look so "graffiti" at first. you cant really disinguish when a letter ends. practice your simple letters over and over and over and over and over until your fucking eyes bleed. then once you get the hang of those, you should start to alter them. you've probably already heard it before but i tried.




excuse me while i light my spliff,

oh god i've got to take a lift,

from reality i just cant drift,

thats why i'm stayin' with this riff.

take it easy.

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so you mean break it up, and make each letter more individual, or just make the entire thing less complicated?

also, not to be a pain in the @$$, could you post something "simple"? i know it sounds stupid but I never really had a chance to see anybodys beginning simple sketches, so....


[This message has been edited by royal9001 (edited 06-19-2001).]

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Guest mopius

i cant even see it, but i know that saying it "quick" DOESN'T make it any better....i hate that, "heres a quik one", "look at dis quiky i did"<----------------fuck that

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