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The WUFC SDK thread

Guest imported_Europe

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more SDK rome subway stuff from back in the day (well, 1996)...












someone please scan the 3 colour wholecars running on the NY subway from xplicit grafx magazine!

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Im posting two interviews about sdkwufc...i was thinking about posting inxs interview from ultimate graffsport..but since that is still in print or widely aviable i think people should buy it instead..and support books.



Sdk on sdk wufc merger from bomber 23.


When has this partnership started?


-We know each other and paint toghether since a few years now. But we decided to join forces on the year 2000, just befor the usual summer interail rampage...


Whats the history of the friendshop between both crews?


-well, it started with a few bottles of beers in a stockholm park, and ended in a subway station doing backjumps..or was it the other way around?!


What do you guys have in common that should make this work?


-In paris we(sdk) have a crew mentality that other people dont seem to have, or so few. Being all in the same crew, just means that if one of the crew member dows a piece somewhere, im happy like id have done the piece myself. When one does a crewname, all of us just feel weve participated to it, in a way. Obviously many of the other people in paris think more inidvidually. When you go up to northern europe the feeling is a bit different, and you find more easily the same values and sense of honour as we do personlally have. When it comes to stockholm, i dont know why but the most friendly people i got to know in this fucking grafflife live there: wether it be reson, kaos, aman around 1992, mega, sear, ribe abit later, or the wufc since 98, we alsways had the best drinking and painting parties over there!


What does sdk like wufc (vice versa) that made em decide to join?


-Its hard to explain a friendship...Lets say we had sam vibes concerning a graffiti lifestyle, but also the same tastes when it comes to styles, trains, hooligans, weed, booze, parties!!! Last but not least swedens go the best chicks ever, so we definatly had to shar everything with them!!!(i know a couple of girls at least will hate me for saying this...hey its a joke!)


Whats the advantadge of putting 2 crews together?


-Whats the advatage of joining forces...i guess its quite obvious...World domination!!!


Isnt it hard to perform as 1 crew when you guys live far away from each other ; 2000km


-Thats when i realized europe was finally very small..as i feel closer to them than my fucking neigbour..


Why diddnt you just pick one name instead of puuing both togsther?


-The goal was not tho lose both our own identities but to get two identities to become on. SDKWUFC, thats a name.


More often crews join to come as on; do you think its a trend?


-i think its more in the nature...the more the stronger...


What can we expect from this partnership in the future will there be more crews joingin?


-Not really. The crew is like a family; rilo, nick, inxs, opak, riot, pum, killa, leroy, sime, fancie, nitro, snir..there are no new members that often in a family.

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wufc inteview from xplicit grafx volume 2, issue 4 - june 00


Some of the craziest styles came out of the swedish scene in the past - we all remember how hard the vandals in motion used to rock stockholm city back in the days. Since a few years it seems that a new leading crew has thaken control of the local transit system. The same name always steps out from the crowd: WUFC. But we heard strange rumours about it, like they mere members of the national swedish football theam..We had to meet them and get things clear.


Who are you?


Writers united fc..the fc part stands for various things. from flying circus to fucking crazy but the basic meaning is football club.


Is it true that youre a real football team?


-The fact is that our crew has got two different activities, football and graff. We try to fullfill our mission in winning national and international foootball competitions, and at the sametime we have to keep on getting up on the walls and trains of stockholm city.


Is drinking still the national sport?


-Hell yea, it helps you doing nice throwups. What else is there to do in life besides tokin up? The action is more funky and on a football field you get more balls to play with...


How did you start graffiti?


-Answer A: It all started a day in the bronx, nigguhhz were crazy back then. Sure, we were packin heat... never knew when a backstabbin hoe crack ass nigguhh come steppin. Some nigguhhs rollin those dices lotta cash layning around nae mean......you can say it all started back then...eyh..nae mean...94...-Answer B: It was a bright and shiny day, we were drunk as hell when we accidently tumbled over a spraycan of paint, thats how it all began...More seriously we just bumped inteo each other by the corner of a football field somewhere in stockholm -later on we realized we all had the same masterplan: world domination<<In it to win it>>...the wufc team was born.


Does the crew have a special meaning to you?


-Because of the situation in stockholm we have to trust those we do dirt with. The crew is like a second family...<<la raza>>


What kind of graffiti do you do?


-To get your name up in Stockholm you have to do all aspects of it, all the time and all over again and again. We like subway trains, walls, pendeltåg and streetbombing..It all goes together in one fine and tasty blend! We do alot of silver...fast, easy, and goodlooking. Subway cars are the favorite target because they are the nicest trains and they run in the innercity. To be able to do alot in stockholm you have to do it fast, like 3-minute-backjumps at an endstation. So that most of the time we have to be3 or 4 guys working on the same piece.


How long do the pieces run?


-The avarage lifetime for a subway paniel is one hour but somtimes they take it out of traffic after a couple of stations only, they ask all passengers to get off the train, claiming that its been sabotaged; then it goes straight to the buff. On commuter trains its even worse: we got what we calll here the <<bluepainters>>, a group of guys who travel from on yard to another everynights with a mission: to put blue paint over all pieces before they run, for no reason but to protect the eyes of the citizens. Nowadays these plub paniters are in the yards alot, but if you know what youre doing, you can get your piece run for a couple of hours in the morning.


Is that all the authorities do to fight against graffiti?


-Ofcourse not, in stockholm the sl(connex) company hires civilian guards to protect their trains and walls. They are riding the trains, looking for guys looking like writers, or hiding inside the trains all night long in the yards, and wait for you to get finished and then they raidn the yard together with the police. There are no legal walls in sthockholm so everything you do with a spraycan is illeagal, everywher anytime.


We heard the wether was one of the worst enemy of scandinavian writers, is that true?


Yes, cause when its really cold the paint doesnt work, its easily overchilled and the colours dry very slowly. Footpronts in the snow alson make it hard to getaway when youre getting chased. And in the wintertime you can only thake nightshots of youre piece, cause its vry dark all day.


How wouldl you define your style?


Hammarby style, fast and effective..the style of tomorow! Well sweden got the nicest bitches in all europe and thats on of the reasons why we dont have much time to overwork our pieces like some do in germany. Our style i like football: its universal ! When we are several guys doing one single panel piece everyone got to be satisfied so we have to wrok out all letters all together...the <<wufcstyle>> is a mix of everyone in the crew. But we do think that the swedish style is cmplex in its own way....



Why do you travel a lot?


We always have to play matches outside sweden, but foball is the alibi, painting trains i the reason why. When we traver were into graff, vodka and sports...Spain, barcelona, lau pau, badalona beach, paris, italy, bologna , roma, copenhagen , zurich etc.. likeem all. Paris is very nice, many nice trains there especially the subway....


How did you manage to feature in dirty handz2 and what do you think of graff medias nowadays?


Damn!! they got us on cam??!! Guess thats ok..Books and mags are ok but the internet is boring, it sucks! We also hate tvechannels like ztv, a swedish music channel who do anti-graff commericials.


When will you grow up and stop doing graffiti?


were gonna try to keep it up until death tears us apart...The funky wufc crew keepin it real for ever, we say hi to the jazz fam, akbunch, tt, aodestroyres, td, vmt, fy, hnr, vim, nfc, dt and our european friends irt, the , sdk, fmk, tsk, the special blend foudation and all our friends and those who we forgotten..and of course hammarby if, maxwel smart, al bundy + the whole falck security team (keep up the good work!)..

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