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Guest NoamChomsky




The 75th Ranger Regiment is the premier light infantry unit in the United States military. A component of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), a Ranger Strike Force is normally employed as part of Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF).

With the ability to be quickly deployed by air, sea, and land; The Regiment specializes in direct action or raids on enemy airfields, bridges, and other key facilities

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what about the H&K PDW (personal defense weapon) that's still being developed? somebody post a pic, the thing looks badass.

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Originally posted by Krook

thass dope as fuck where can i get one? :D




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Gotta Represent---I Love Firearms too.


Pretty much any kind of firearms qualify as great, but we have a lot of civilian firearms on the market that aren't very effective. For instance, the best thing about a 9mm handgun is that just about every country uses this caliber as their military sidearm. So in event of war, revolution or invasion, the AMMUNITION for this pistol will be readily available. But other than that, the 9mm is way over-rated. I have owned a few over the years. The more serviceable of the double-action semi-auto pistols (like the CZ75) and the less expensive civlian-market pistols that are above the cheap-ass-junk variety (Taurus makes some good ones) are worth carrying as self-defense weapons. My favorite remains the Glock and the Browning Hi-Power P-35. Old, but dependable as hell.


IMHO, a self-defense pistol worthy of the name has to be at least .40 caliber. Preferably a .45 ACP. What I love about the venerable old Colt Government Model is that it is DIRT SIMPLE and it has knock-down power like you wouldn't believe. A cop acquaintance of mine had to shoot a guy who was choking him with his own night stick (it was a drunken melee, the guy went berserk and attacked two police officers.) Just before he blacked out, my acquaintance pulled his .45, turned his hand backwards and shoved the muzzle against the attacker's stomach, and lit one off. (The attacker was behind him, choking him with his night stick.) The round went completely through the guy's abdomen, exited next to his asshole, and clipped my buddy's partner in the shin. The attacker nearly died right there. The guy is up in the pen right now for assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, and shits in a colostomy bag. I guess next time he will just submit to arrest without any bullshit. I think even a .357 outperforms a 9mm by a wide margin.


Pistols are DEFENSIVE weapons. They have the advantage of concealability and light weight, but they lack power, firepower, and range, as well as accuracy. If you have any real work to do, you need a rifle. And preferably, a rifle with some serious firepower. The 5.56mm cartridge (.223 Remington) will definately kill an enemy, but it is kind of underpowered. When I was in the Marine Corps, I was an MOS 2111 (Infantry Weapons Repair Mechanic) assigned to 2nd BN, 1st Marines. We had 611 M-16 rifles in our armory. We called them "poodle shooters," because the 5.56mm cartridge is so underpowered. We wanted the Marine Corps to adopt a rifle that shoots the 7.62mm NATO cartridge. The M-14 was the last 7.62mm NATO rifle the Marines had. All our armorers (weapons mechanics) owned 7.62mm NATO personal rifles. My running buddy and I tried out a bunch, and settled on the Heckler & Koch HK 91. It is tough, dependable and robust. I do not like the collapsable stock version, the stock is weak as shit. One of our officers got sent down to TAD (temporary assignment of duty) with the Columbian Army, chasing narco-guerrillas. They use the HK91. He broke the stock off his rifle the first week, falling down a ravine, and then spent eight weeks chasing guerrillas with a broken weapon. No thanks.


Given a choice, I would choose the Kalashnikov over the M-16/AR-15 family of rifles. The AK-47 and AK-74 are both excellent rifles. The AK-74 has the same problem with being underpowered that the M-16 does (the Russkis copied us.) A folding-stock Chinese Norinco MAK-90 or AKS would be good, as would a Russian or East German manufactured AKS. Avoid Romanian, Bulgarian, Egyptian, etc. AK type rifles, the quality is poor. In general, AK's are simple, very difficult to break, and they are extremely dependable. Accuracy is important in a combat rifle, but not as important as having it go "bang" EVERY time you pull the trigger. These rifles are legal, semi-auto copies of the full-auto AK-47. Obviously, you don't want to commit any felonies by owning an illegal rifle. Just buy a legal one, when you're old enough. Don't shoot each other with them---that's stupid and illegal, as well as very bad for your Health Record. Keep it as part of your investment in Democracy. Insurance against totalitarian government. (And buy AT LEAST a 1,000 round case of ammunition for each rifle you own. Don't shoot it up playing bang-bang. Keep it for a "rainy day.")


The main problem with AK rifles is that they shoot the 7.62x39mm cartridge.


(Sorry---I got interrupted by life. To resume my comment:) This is a great cartridge, but it is not a U.S. government cartridge. Because of that regrettable fact, in a serious crisis, it will be in short supply. Anyone who intends to depend upon a 7.62x39mm weapon in a crisis needs to have LARGE QUANTITIES of 7.62x39mm ammunition secured somewhere that one can control. Your house or garage is not a secure place. I suggest that one ought to CACHE ammunition (firearms too), preferably by burying them in clean, dry, waterproof containers (PVC sewer pipe big enough to hold your rifle and ammo sounds good) with dessicant packs (to keep moisture at bay) and well oiled. I have acquaintances who have all manner of supplies and equipment cached, including firearms, ammunition, radios and radio batteries, boots, etc.


Shotguns are good firearms for defense, especially pump-action shotguns. It's hardly worth it to buy any shotgun except a 12 ga., because 12 ga. is so common. If you stake your life on a 20 ga. or a 16 ga. and cannot get ammunition, you'll regret it. But 12 ga. is ubiquitous, and therefore ammunition is readily available and probably always will be. Whatever the Army and the police are armed with---that's what you want. I am fond of pistol-grip shotguns for home defense, but in the field, you want a riot-gun with a shoulder stock.


Good rifles would be:


Any AR-15 variant in 5.56mm (BTW this is pronounced "Five-point-five-six millimeter.")

Ruger Mini-14 in 5.56mm.

Korean Daewoo (accepts AR-15 magazines--very tough rifle) in 5.56mm.

AK-variant in .223 Remington (5.56mm.)

5.56mm is the U.S. military infantry rifle and SAW machinegun caliber.


Springfield Armory M-1A in 7.62mm NATO ("Seven-point-six-two NATO.")

FN/FAL variant (L1A1) in 7.62mm NATO.

HK 91 in 7.62mm NATO.

CETME Sporter in 7.62mm NATO.

AR-10B in 7.62mm NATO.

Just about any semi-auto rifle in 7.62mm NATO or .308 Winchester caliber that will accept a detachable box magazine.

7.62mm NATO is the U.S. military GP machinegun caliber.


M-1 Garand in .30-'06 caliber.

M-1 Carbine in .30 US Carbine caliber (very different from above caliber.)


Any accurate bolt-action rifle in 7.62mm NATO or .308 Winchester (basically these two are two different names for the exact same cartridge.) Also any bolt-action rifle in .30-'06 or .300 Winchester Magnum caliber. These rifles should be equipped with telescopic sights at least 3x9 power with a 44mm objective lens. Preferably with a more powerful scope than that, around 6x18 or 6x20 with a 50mm objective. Be aware that although a larger objective lets in more light, a scope bigger than 50mm becomes unwieldy in the field. Rifles in this class are accurate out to around 800 or 1,000 yards in the hands of a good shooter.


Norinco NHM-91 or something similar. This is a legal, civilian version of the RPK machinegun, but it only fires semi-auto. It has a 21" barrel, a special MG stock, pistol grip, permenantly attached bi-pod for longer-range accuracy, and will accept both 30-round AK magazines and 75-round DRUM magazines. The Texas militia uses this rifle in the place of the M-249 Minimi SAW. It only fires semi-auto, however, but is capable of delivering longer strings of fire accurately at a distance.

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