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Calling In

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Guest WebsterUno




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i hate the fact that I went from having a boss that would carry his weight and do his share of work to now I have one that is lazy as shit, doesn't know what he is talking about, can't pull his own weights, and reminds me of rainman.

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I was a supervisor in a call center for a bit....my first boss was the shit and really helped me develop and gave me the freedom to make it cool for other people. Than a political battle started and this bitch ass old lady who could not do her job and only got placed there because of connections took me over. She thaught she could handle me...I got put back with my old boss within a week. Here are a few quotes from her "expectations document for me":


"If there is a project assigned to you and you forsee not completing it on time, see me at least a day before, not an hour as you have been."


"Your reputation on the floor. What do you think it is? How can we correct that?"


"Your presentation of ideas is often sarcastic and negative, you need to change this completely, how can I help?"


"You slouch in your chair and have earphones on."


"You are on a written warning for attitude, tell me about that"


"You stopped talking to Chris [dumbass other supervisor] for 3 weeks. Even when she came to you for help you walked away from her laughing. Do you think this is very mature?"


"Change your AIM buddy icon. Do you think "beat old people" is appropriate for this environment?" - it was one of those badassbuddy things with an old women being beaten with a chair.


...I love corporate bullshit, always posed in the form of a question.

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