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Best Aim convo EEEEVVERRR!!!

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snow hat 13: how r u today


snow hat 13: ?


SizeEraor: tired just got off working...going to rock a production with trees


snow hat 13: cool



snow hat 13: or is it too heat now?

SizeEraor: naw to heat

snow hat 13: o


snow hat 13: cool

snow hat 13: i'm grounded http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//frown.gif'>


snow hat 13: no, i came home late, and then i mouthed off at my parents.

SizeEraor: then stole a cookie?

snow hat 13: i did have cookies last nite.....

snow hat 13: they were chocolate chiparific

SizeEraor: AHHAHA with milk???then did your dad come up and give you a heart to heart?????can I call you the Beave?

snow hat 13: yes, no, and no

SizeEraor: gee golly beave

snow hat 13: hhhmmmmm.... looks like eddie hascal's in tha house

SizeEraor: ahah shit dude you make me laugh


snow hat is suds!


[This message has been edited by Frate Raper (edited 07-18-2001).]

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Suds made my day seriously!


snow hat 13: i hid my reese puffs from my sis cuz she was gonna eat them all, but now i forget where i put them, so i can't have breakfast, it sux. i ran out of nesquick cereal yesterday..... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//frown.gif'>


SizeEraor: YES YES YES LLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLL you made my day g!!!!!i wish I was your age again!


snow hat 13: all my bowls are dirty anyways


snow hat 13: ok then.....


snow hat 13: i have a 1 liner now


SizeEraor: sick their fun eh


snow hat 13: yeah

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SUDS whats the deal with that lil fak he dropped off from here man he was the junior don up on 12 ounce

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more funny shit



snow hat 13: i'm dizzy

SizeEraor: why?

snow hat 13: i've been spinning on my chair

snow hat 13: it's fun

SizeEraor: lol

snow hat 13: do u like spinning on ur chair?

snow hat 13: or do u have a non-spinny chair?

SizeEraor: who doesn't....i haven't done that in a whi;e

snow hat 13: o

snow hat 13: lemme get my WD40, it's slowing sown, brb

snow hat 13: down*

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here's some of the rest, becuase i'm bored and have nothing to do other than talk to people.



snow hat 13: my elbow herts

SizeEraor: did you fall?

snow hat 13: down the stairs, i was too dizzy

SizeEraor: ahhaha

snow hat 13: it's smells bad in here now

SizeEraor: did you fart suds?

snow hat 13: no, it's the WD40

snow hat 13: and my chair is still slow :-(

SizeEraor: shiiiittty

snow hat 13: yeah

snow hat 13: there's this gay plastic guard thing blocking the bearing

SizeEraor: thats weak break it and spray it

snow hat 13: brb, i'mm gonna go make some popcorn so i can eat breakfast

SizeEraor: p's

snow hat 13: i'm back, i desided to have mr. noodles in sted

SizeEraor: can't go wrong man!

snow hat 13: werd

snow hat 13: especially with chicken flavor

SizeEraor: ummm i like curry chiken'

snow hat 13: o

snow hat 13: good gor u, keep it up

snow hat 13: for*

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