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Guest imported_Tesseract

Journalists killed in Bagdhat by US forces

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After the first incident, an Al-Jazeera presenter quickly accused US forces on live television of "intentionally targeting" the channel's offices, recalling the US bombing of its Kabul bureau during the 2001 war in Afghanistan (news - web sites).

Al-Jazeera has pointed to sharp US criticism of its coverage of the Iraq war, in which it has been accused of bias against the American-British coalition and sensationalism in broadcasting grisly footage of US soldiers killed in battle and Iraqi interviews with shaken American prisoners of war.


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I doubt it was deliberate


It's a tragedy, no doubt. The entire thing is tragic, and this is just another incident to add to the list of "Reasons Why War Is Bad." The Iraqi military forces and Feyadeen are clearly not above storing weapons in hospitals, using Red Cross-marked ambulances to move war supplies, hiding behind groups of terrified women and children, forcing reluctant teenagers to fight at gunpoint, waving flags of surrender as a ruse, and then shooting the American soldiers that come forward to humanely allow them to surrender.


All these tactics are designed to force the Americans and the British to behave ruthlessly in war. If the Iraqis shoot American troops after pretending to offer to surrender, then the American troops will be angry and refuse to accept surrender next time---which allows the Iraqis to then say to their terrified forced troops "Either fight to win, or get killed, because the Americans hate us and will not let you surrender."


The only logical solution to this is to doggedly continue to offer Iraqis the chance to surrender despite the risk, and to exercise great care in accepting an offer of surrender. We definately cannot just kill them all---if we do, it will create an "Alamo" mentality ("We are going to die anyway, so we might as well die with our boots on.")


We also should target Iraqi officers in every way we can. This was once prohibited, but in modern warfare, it is standard practice, and inn a situation like Iraq, the officers and Baath party members are forcing dragooned Iraqis to fight against their will.


Too bad about the journalists. If I had to choose, I would not choose to report on the opposition side in any war involving the United States. The journalists certainly have a right to do so, and they demonstrate a great deal of courage by so doing, but frankly, it's a dangerous-ass place to be. Especially so if some Iraqi machinegunner decides to set up shop in one of the rooms next to you, overlooking an American tank column advancing in the street below. As soon as the machinegunner emplaced his gun, time to run like hell. Because very shortly after he begins to fire, high explosive rounds will be coming back the other way.

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Originally posted by mr_president

fuck what ya heard!


them journalists were throwing up 'al queda' gang signs at the troops...


and they got delt with!!!



hahahah....hell nah.

But fo' real though, that shit is fuct up.

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