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war pieces..

Guest willy.wonka

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cnn=lies. ok. but get your head out of your ass.

now im not so naieve as to think that the government doesnt influence the media, afterall, every person generally has some sort of political belief, and it can even be seen from news casters i guess. but ill believe cnn any day over some bay area zine telling me "h.i.v tests are a conspiracy." crazy ass conspiracy theories about the world printed at kinkos, and far left nuts have a harder time making a believer out of me than a camera with live battle field shots, leaving me to make my own opinion.

ive got cable and i watch other countries media reports on the war. same footage, different words. press mute.


america is not as bad as you all would like to make yourself believe. i cant believe my punk rock graffiti brain thinks this, but im afraid my brain is gonna be like my dads soon. ill still tag though and smoke weed til i die.


adapt cm....if a subway in my country told me to "mind the gap" id fall in it and sue the city. after a few months the gap would be gone, and id be rich. the brits are cool though. they stuck with "us". and all those smiling iraqi faces are care of america, britain, aus, and poland.


triple deker...good call on being an american is like being in a fucked up relationship with someone you love.

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Originally posted by adapt cm

war isent good, soldiers are idiots who are too thick to do a intellegent job so they become trained monkeys for superior powers following commands blindely, people are dying in horrible painful ways and all your heroic defenders of peece are doing is pressing buttons and triggers on technolgy designed to kill without having to show the heroes what they are actually doing, as for that gimp of a leader bush and your pathetic small minded ignorant country it was obvouis all along that this was a attack based on racism against the arab scumbags that bombed your money gready center of your swollen pride and apparent freedom which by the way is why more that half of the world is starving because u have more food and money than u would ever need. dont u understand u cant fight a war agianst terrosim its not a country but a global injustice that suppresion cannot hide forever ... u want to support your troopps ? then fucking bring them home

You're the most ignorant fuck that ever lived. You think a monkey can land a jet on an aircraft carrier. And what about that technology that allows pin point accuracy to do as little non intended damage as possible? Did monkeys invent that too? I'm sure you're a UN lover. Do you know that the US is the only member of the security council that never invaded a country to conquer land? The only land we ever took was for cemeterys to bury our brave who fight for assholes like you. I'm sure you hate the states until it's time for free health care or a loan for your liberal lame ass college. this country just faught the most humane war in human history and liberated the long suffering people of IRAQ from one of the biggest pieces of shit who ever lived. Name me another country who rolled through the land of their sworn enemy losing soldiers to save the lives of the citizens of that country. I'm still waiting... (idiot) PS, if you're not from here, then what i said still stands for those like you who live here, and believe me, there's no shortage of them.

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lets just see what happens in the middle east over the next 2 years and we can look back and decide whether it was a good idea to perform this illegal war. a few hundread happy faces dancing and many more unhappy in the backround does not jusify the 10,000 plus dead in this lovely little war

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Originally posted by adapt cm

lets just see what happens in the middle east over the next 2 years and we can look back and decide whether it was a good idea to perform this illegal war. a few hundread happy faces dancing and many more unhappy in the backround does not jusify the 10,000 plus dead in this lovely little war


Basically. by now you know your a dipshit, i noticed you dont talk so much anymore. it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 2 - 10 years. maybe my opinion americas government will change. if they really dont doanything to establish some sort of order and justice and just take oil and let kids starve then ill say fuck america too. then i guess ill just have to kill myself. war sucks, who really wanted this to happen? nobody. the middle east has been fucked up for thousands of years you idiot. the optimistic hope is that all this shit thats been going on will begin to open the gates of change. and it wont happen in 2 years you dyslexic nwolc.

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i dont talk so much anymore because arguing with idiots gets shit pritty quick but u want more talk ok ill give u that..

The most telling thing about yesterdays "statue toppling" incident in Baghdad was how many of the 4 million residents of the city were NOT there to witness this "historic moment". Even the TV pictures show many people in the background barely paying attention, or even walking away as the statue came down. Only a couple of hundred people had gathered to watch and celebrate. Now compare this with the fall of the Berlin Wall - is there any comparison? - of course not. So it should be no surprise that the war continued today.

There will be no peace in Iraq until the Kurdish question is settled once and for all, possibly with a sovereign Kurdish state which requires the cooperation of Turkey and Syria, something one can only dream of.

Did I miss something? To the best of my knowledge, Saddam Hussein has not been confirmed dead. It would not be the first time a major battle was won only to find the enemy returning with more forces and winning the war. Even if the war is over, the world will not forget the oppression of America or the aid of the UK. We've dug ourselves into a hole that will take years for us to climb out of. Freedom does not necessarily make us free.

Many people seem to be failing to recognise that the arguments against this war were about more than whether the US could topple Saddam Hussein and whether the Iraqi people would be happy for this to happen the way that it has. The fact that this preliminary stage of this war has been won does not change the fact that it was done illegally and for contradictory and hypocritical reasons. Might is right again from now on apparently, and I for one still find that extremely frightening, especially when that might is in the hands of a man such as Bush.


all these quotes are varouis views from other people.

im never coming on this thread again coz arguing on the internet is like being in the special olympics.. even if u win your still retarded

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Originally posted by adapt cm

firstly id like to apoligize for offending the guy who lost a brother and using a stereotype on soldiers as idiots, i just am not a believer in following orders from anyone but me, soldiers and power structures are what cause mass killing and mass evils, the concept of having countries is in its self flawed, power corrupts and so as long as we have people following commands we will have people dying in the thousands. saddam is a evil man it is undeniable he needs to be removed but this is NOT the way, i do not no the total of soldiers killed in this war so far but i believe its somewhere around 5000 iraq (probally more) and the uk/us barely in the hundreads (i think). the fact is this is allready more than the twin towers attack.which by the way is nothing to do with saddam and that is a fact, terrorists dont belong to one country and terrosim will rise be a alarming rate after this "war" is "won". the thing that scares me is the amount of propaganda u pro war people actually soak up and believe. as for graffiti starting in america people have been vandalising things and creating things since time began mate dont be so small minded,

oh and as for my spelling, einstein was dyslexic



Thank you for understanding that certain phrases where very disturbing and hurtful. Apology accepted.



Also. I understand where you are coming from. before 9-11 i used to think the same way, anti government anti establishment etc etc. but 9-11 hit me hard, it hit home. this is why i think how i think now. As for you i do understand your feelings because this has not directly effected. As for Saddam not having any part of 9-11, by your statemnt i'd have to disagree. Saddam funds terrorism, if you dont believe that you should turn on the tube, look at how the iraqi's are fighting. the ystarp bombs to themselves, the yride motorcycles and do hit and runs on the military. We have found terrorist training camps all over Iraq. Are you not watching and reading about the same war that i am or are you getting your news off the bbc? your whole argument is blank with no "real" truth behind it.



"the thing that scares me is the amount of propaganda u pro war people actually soak up and believe. "


is that for 100% fact or did you just come up with that for a backup ?

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Originally posted by dealer

99%Americans=brainwashed by CNN




If you watch the CNN that i watch you'd be getting a very negetive feed about the war where as Fox news seems more behind it.




you just wanted to post something clever but thats a statement pulled out of one ownes anus.

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tru that foo check the lil tanks wurd up brah


honky kong yo rite dawg reppin the pgh to its finest

thats where im from i write royal dawg just startin

but all yer wurds flow about the middle east and i stand by ya



reppin pgh


check the flava cause im out





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Originally posted by Honky Kong

yo mate ...there aint been a happy face in the mid east in 2000 years......illegal war my ass...aww fuck i cant even get started....have a nice day slick

WORD! "awwe fuck, i cant even get started" is how i feel 99% of the time i read these moron's liberal rhetoric... get fucking real, have a fucking child, work for a living, then come crying to me about illegal war. graffiti writers just shouldnt get too political...face it, we are all a bunch of fuckups...leave the country to be run however it needs to be...you're fat and on the internet right?

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Re: america WUZ here


Originally posted by shaky neil

ha... i like how "wuz" was corrected with "was".... ha... probably the photographer trying to make it look like soldiers can spell and we arent a country full of ebonical illiterates.. ha


I think you should take that shit back shaky. That was some fucked up shit to say about our soldiers when they are over there risking their lives for you and every american and even non americans. Dont take this wrong and think im just trying to start somthing with you, but i really do think it was a wrong comment to make..

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Guest BROWNer

ignorance really is bliss


wow, i guess the whole world is one big brain washed population, huh bob?!

i love the part how you slot anti-war people into a hole that

also makes them anti-soldier support. that's fucking stupendous.

this division of pro-war and anti-war is soooo amusing...really..


as long as everyone is okay with corporations making billions

off of legal death while you can sit in your lazy boy and listen

to your politicians sputter off bald-faced lies and you're cool

with that..as long as you're cool with the fact that these people

actively TRY to pull the wool over your eyes, as long as the soldiers are fighting for your freedom to keep your shitty paying day in day out 9 to 5 and your shoes

still ONLY cost you $120...and you don't have an effective health

care system..and you just apathetically sat through a coup d'etat

right at home.......then right on then. ignorance really is bliss.

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