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WrestleMania XIX

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship

-Triple H © vs. Booker T


WWE Championship

-Kurt Angle © vs. Brock Lesnar


-Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon


-Steve Austin vs. The Rock


-Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho


WWE Tag Team Championship

-Team Angle © vs. Los Guerreros vs. Rhyno and Chris Benoit


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

-Matt Hardy © vs. Rey Mysterio


Triple Threat WWE Women's Championship

-Victoria © vs. Trish vs. Jazz


-Undertaker and Nathan Jones vs. A-Train and Big Show



WWE World Tag Team Championship

-Chief Morley and Lance Storm © vs. Kane and RVD


Special Appearances By:


Limp Bizkit

The Miller Lite Catight Girls


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Booker T is gonna whoop the shit out of the game and Austin is gonna fuck up the rock, thats fucked up how he "turned" on the people. Damn, this is the first time ive really started to watch wrestlin since i was like 8. Fake fights are just fun to watch, but real ones a better to be in.:D

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The people "turned" on The Rock..... Hes gonna whip that bald canday ass....

The BTeezie finally goes over The Game...

Kurt Angle is just bad ass...

and Y2J goes over the "Has Been Kid"...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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ok i havent watched wrestling in a long long time. Ever since they turned into the WWE.


Now whats the difference between the WWE champion and the WWE World Champion?

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and it's at fucking safeco field in seattle, if i had tons of money to spend on laughing at people i'd totally hit that shit up.

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Guest exhibitone

im pretty sure the right term is


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Rey Mysterio is where its at...well atleast when i watched that crap long ago...that guy was wrestling when he was 17....

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Guest krie
Originally posted by mr_president

someone ban PUNKASSBITCH.... wrestling is gayer than that fag punkassbitch..

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WrestleMania is here people! Ashanti is on screen singing ‘America The Beautiful’. Pictures of the troops in Iraq are shown during the song and the crowd goes mad over them.


The main WrestleMania 19 entrance then rolls, with clips of voice from Angle, Taker, HHH, Booker T, Stone Cold, Lesnar, Rock, Hogan, Jericho and more. We are then treated to clips from the past WrestleMania’s, with people like Andre, Piper and so many more. Okay, I’m glad I stayed up (2am British time) just to see that video package. I’m pumped… LETS GET IT ON!


Limp Bizkit’s song plays in the background (I still cant remember the damn name) and the Pyro’s roll. WrestleMania is upon us! Your last chance to order – nah, you know you’re kickin it with me for the next 4 hours if you’re not watching it by now.


First out, it’s Rey Rey, and we’ve got our Cruiserweight starter…


Match 2: Rey Jr vs. Matt Hardy V1.0 (w/ Shannon Moore) for the Cruiserweight Title


Oh my, Rey looks so silly in his tight lycra or whatever it is top. With the mask and everything, he looks like a mini-me of Batman. Bad WWE costume designer, bad WWE costume designer.


We’re then treated to a cip of Mattitude. Matt is appearing in his 4th WrestleMania!


Low bridge and Hardy is sent over the top rope. Back inside, 2 count. Back outside, Hardy drops Rey face first onto the barricade. Back inside, 2 count. I’m sensing a pattern…


Snapmare takedown by Hardy, with Hardy keeping Rey grounded as much as possible. Rey whipped into the corner, and Hardy missed the shoulder into the corner. Rey back with the Springboard into a Plancha, for the 2 count. Twirling leg scissors on Hardy, and then a Swinging DDT for another 2.


Drop toe hold onto the ropes, setting up for the 619, but Shannon Moore trips Rey and stops the move. Hardy with the Twist of Fate but only a TWO count.


Limp Bizkit come out, and Finkel announces them as WWE’s favourite band. They play Rollin first. They won’t be WWE’s favourite band for long, as the guy bleepin the swear words misses about 3 f-bombs during that one song.


Durst then goes from the stage down the ramp, and mixes it with some fans. He then takes time to go into the ring. As this happens, Undertaker comes out onto the stage with his Bike, and we get lots of female dancers in baggy clothing in the ring too. Pyro to end the first song. Big Show out next, no Jones? Well let’s get underway as announced I guess…


Match 3 The Undertaker vs. A-Train & The Big Show


It’s announced that it’s now a handicap match as I type. Okay, I guess WWE weren’t happy about letting that big goof Nathan Jones on pay per view. And you wonder why? Check out that video clip where he attempts to give A-Train a spinning kick. Not even pretty…


A-Train into the ring, Chokeslam on A-Train by Taker… 2 count and Big Show interrupts. Train/Show regroup outside.


We go old school, with the top rope armbar and hit. I wish it had a technical name. However, the two men take control, and Taker is taken to the outside, and rammed into the steel post. Show then drops Taker face first onto the barricade.


Show rolls Taker back into the ring, and A-Train chokes Big Evil before tagging the Big Nasty Bastard into the ring. Just to note, no Paul Heyman at ringside. Show sets up for the Chokeslam, brings him up, but Taker reverses it into an armbar which A-Train breaks.


An armbar for the man formerly known as Albert, but then Big Show breaks that. Big Show still the legal man. Huge headbutt’s to the skull of the Dead Man, and then an Abdominal Stretch applied.


I love the angles where the camera is facing up, because it gives a real sense of the early WrestleMania’s. Anyway… Tag between Train and Show, same move re-applied. After about 2 minutes, Taker reverses the move on A-Train, then hits a gut-wrench suplex giving himself time to recover. Both men back up, and A-Train hits a hard clothesline for 2.


Both men back up, and they exchange hands. DDT by Taker, and Show breaks up the count @ 2. A-Train thrown into the corner and taken out, Show set up for the Chokeslam, but it doesn’t happen.


Double team on Taker, finished off by a huge Chokeslam on Taker. Down the ramp comes Nathan Jones, who hits a legit looking boot on Big Show, levelling him on the rampway.


Jones into the ring, kick to the face of the A-Train. Tombstone on Albert, and your winner in this handicap match via the help of Nathan Jones (who looked impressive, even though he only did two moves) – The Undertaker.


Winner: The Undertaker


After the match the two celebrate with the American flag and Train and Big Show go bye bye.


Torrie/Stacy backstage meet the Miller Time Girls. They exchange seemingly false compliments, and go off to talk about the sequel to ‘Testicles’.


Jim Ross then has a message to the troops in Iraq, before reminding the visitors about the Dudleyz’ double screw earlier on the last WWE HeAT on MTV before the move to the New TNN next week.


Match 4: Trish Stratus vs. Jazz vs. Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) for the Women’s Title


Trish comes out to an entrance of confetti in a very nice outfit. The rules for the match are, first pinfall wins. The champ doesn’t even have to be involved in that decision!


All women are in the ring, with Trish and Jazz in the ring, Lou Thesz press by Trish. Over-the-rope legdrop by Victoria on Trish, but Jazz is right there to break the count. Jazz and Victoria then double teaming Trish with a double shoulder breaker, and with Trish down, Jazz takes the offence against the mad woman.


Jazz and Trish now in the ring, with Jazz hitting a very impressive Powerbomb type slam. All 3 women in one corner, and Trish slams Jazz and Victoria into each other, head to head. All 3 women up again, and Jazz hits a spin kick on Victoria – missing Trish. Pinfall city, 2 count, 2 count, 2 count again again again. So yeah…


Match continues, Head Scissors off the top turnbuckle by Trish on Victoria. Trish then working away on both women, but Jazz takes control and locks in the half Boston Crab submission in the MIDDLE of the ring. Trish moves a little and it’s turned into an STF.


The referee goes over to aid Victoria so it seems, and Steven Richards breaks the hold. Jazz holding Trish up in the air in a hold, then dropped face first Electric Chair Style. Kick to the chin of Jazz, and Victoria misses with a Moonsault. Jazz and Victoria now exchanging hands. Richards comes in the ring and goes after Trish with a Chair, but misses, hits himself, and gets Stratusfied.


Hard shot to the mid section by Trish, 3 count! Okay, that was a lame ending, but it’s the way it is.


Winner and New Women’s Champ Trish Stratus


Coach is backstage interviewing The Rock about how he has been beaten two times, two times, two times at WrestleMania in the past. He no longer cares about the fans, because Hollywood has taught him act 1 & act 2, they don’t matter.


Act 3 is what people remember. The Rock is Jabroni Beaten, Pie Eaten, Not Afraid to Sweat, Not Afraid To Bleed, Gonna Beat That Bald Headed Bastard, Guareen Damn Tee’d.


Match 5: Los Guerreos vs. Benoit/Rhyno vs. Team Angle for the SD Tag Titles


I’m expecting Team Angle to go over in this match. But I was wrong on the calling of the Women’s match and probably all the other ones, so who knows. Death knell on them maybe?


The same as our last match, the champs don’t have to be pinned to lose the titles in this one. When everything shakes down, two men in the ring, with Rhyno dominating Eddie Guerrero. Shelton Benjamin tagged in, and Benjamin takes control on Rhyno. Charlie Haas tagged in, and then Benoit. Double team on Haas in the top left corner of the ring. 2-count.


Back body drop by Benoit on Haas for another 2 count, and Rhyno is tagged back in.


Eddie Guererro in now, and cheats Rhyno to the floor, going for a test of strength and hitting a dropkick instead. Benoit tagged in. Both men go to the top rope, and Benoit hits a massive Superplex on Guerrero.


Both men back up, Brainbuster by Guerrero. 2 count, interrupted by Team Angle. Chavo tagged in, and a huge spinning leg scissors – he seriously went around about 5 times. Benoit then with the repeat German Suplex. Both men smash heads after four German Suplex, and Shelton Benjamin now in. Huge leg drop on Benoit, going for the cover, but Eddie Guerrero stops the pinfall with a Frogsplash from the top rope.


Haas and Chavo now in the ring, but a Gore on Haas by Rhyno. Chavo up, and a Gore on Chavo. But Eddie yanks Rhyno from the ring. Shelton Benjamin, the legal man, capitalises and pins the legal man Chavo Guerrero. 3 count, and your retainers, as predicted, Team Angle.


Winners Team Angle – Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas


Stacy and Torrie get into a verbal argument backstage as to whether it was Hogan or McMahon started WrestleMania. The cat fight girls then decide that they need to settle the same argument… in the ring, no, in bed, no, in the ring, no, in bed. Confused… but either way is fine by me!


Match 6: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho


A video package of the history rolls. Jeremy Borash is always on about his TNA video packages, well they’re good man, but these video packages from WWE are top-notch.


Jericho out first, and our first real ‘main event’ is happening. And here’s the Kid… Now, I was right with the prediction on the last match. So I’ll go for Jericho on this one, with Nash interfering. Howz about that?


HBK doing his patented ‘rest in the corner’ to flaunt to the crowd who are majorly behind the Heart Break Kid. Michaels with a series of arm holds, followed by some leg take downs. Both men back to their feet as quick as possible. Shoulder barge by Jericho, who then slaps the hell out of The Showstopper. Michaels retaliates by sending Jericho to the outside. Baseball slide on Jericho.


Both men back into the ring, as HBK goes to the top rope… flying cross body with the roll through by Jericho, 2 count. Spinning heel kick by Jericho, and some hard punches to the head. HBK in the corner, and then to the opposite.


HBK now with the Figure-4 on Jericho. Reversal, and Michaels in the hold. Both men back up, and a holding standing headscissors ON the ropes. Jericho dropped to the outside, and HBK flies to the outside with a Plancha onto Jericho.


Michaels goes for a dropkick, but Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. The referee’s count saves Michaels, as Jericho breaks it before coming back for HBK. Y2J sends the Showstopper into the solid metal ring post twice, back first. The crowd shows their displeasure for Jericho and support for Michaels. Drop kick from the top by Jericho, with HBK going from the outside of the apron back to the ground on the outside.


Michaels rolls back into the ring, and is back body dropped onto his surgically repaired back. Standing vertical suplex, more impact on the back of HBK. Knee held to the back of Michaels, adding pressure, before delivering a backbreaker.


Sleeper hold on HBK, but after he battles out, he’s whiplashed into the canvas hard. Both men down while the referee makes the count. Jericho up @ 7. Flying forearm on HBK by Jericho, who gets up and mocks Michaels. The Showstopper springs up, and attacks Jericho, then hits an Inverted Atomic Drop.


HBK to the top, and hits a moonsault on a standing Chris Jericho. 2-count only. Rollup for 2, then another, and another, and another. Morale of the story – rollups seldom work.


Y2J goes for the Walls, but Michaels uses the power in his legs to reverse. Standing suplex by Jericho for 2, but Michaels powers out into a backslide position. Clothesline by Jericho. KEVIN NASH… no just joking. I still think he’ll appear though.


Lionsault by Chris Jericho who rolls to cover, 1, 2.. 2 and a half… KICKOUT. A second cover, kickout at 2 again. Both men to their feet, chop to the chest of HBK, and an attempted Hurricanrana, but Y2J reverses it into The Walls of Jericho. HBK in the middle of the ring.


Michaels reaches the ropes after moments in the Walls. Small package by HBK, but Jericho kicks after 2. Flying reverse elbow from the top rope on Michaels, and Jericho sets up to hit Sweet Chin Music, mocking HBK with the corner stomps. Jericho delivers Sweet Chin Music and covers… BUT ONLY A 2 COUNT!


Whip into the corner, but Michaels springs out of the corner with a cross body. Both men exchanging punches, and Jericho attempts The Walls of Jericho. Jericho blocks it, so HBK sends Jericho into the corner with a springboard.


Both men on the top turnbuckle, Jericho goes for the back body drop off the top, but Michaels counters it in mid air into a Cross Body! 2 count by Michaels, who gets up first. HBK on to the top rope, and Jericho kicks the referee onto the rope to block Michaels from doing anything. An attempted Vertical suplex off the top, but Michaels blocks. Michaels with his trademark elbow from the top rope, and now HBK sets up for the REAL Sweet Chin Music. The original… MISSES, Walls of Jericho again in the middle of the ring.


HBK is reaching and reaching to get to the ropes again, but Jericho drags the Heartbreak Kid into the middle. So much pressure on the lower surgically repaired back of HBK, he FINALLY reaches the topes. Jericho has to release.


As Jericho argues with the referee, HBK sets up for some Sweet Chin Music. Jericho turns round and HBK CONNECTS. Only a 2 count again. Both men slumped in the corner, and Jericho whips Michaels to the other side. HBK reverses a back body drop into a rollup, and gets the 3 COUNT! Okay, ignore what I said about rollups never working. And ignore that little prediction thing I did. Yeah L. Your loser, CHRIS JERICHO.


Winner: HBK Shawn Michaels


After the match HBK offers the handshake to Jericho ala Rock/Hogan. Both men embrace but Jericho turns and low blows HBK, throwing the gesture back in the face of Shawn Michaels.


Chris Jericho leaves, to HIS music.


The dodgy referee from No Way Out then enters McMahon’s locker room.


Then, what we’ve all been waiting for – A GOLDBERG PROMO. Goldberg is on the Backlash promo. Woo, the crowd goes wild.


The attendance is then announced as 54,097. A NEW Safeco field record.


Crack Addict is then performed by ‘The WWE’s Favorite Band’, Limp Bizkit! The bleep man is working overdrive well on this one, but still manages to miss quite a few f-bombs. It’s Pay Per View, on VERY late, why bother censoring? Ah well… Interesting performance from Britney’s ex-boyfriend.


Match 7: Tanya Ballinger vs. Kitana Baker – Miller Lite Girls Catfight!


Stacy Keibler’s music hits as the girls are about to fight… hmm. Stacy takes the mic. Stacy says that the only thing better than two girls, is three, and Stacy is in the catfight. And Torrie’s music (predictably) hits, and it’s 4 way.


Match 7: Tanya Ballinger vs. Kitana Baker vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson – Miller Lite Girls Catfight!


How do I do commentary of this? Lots of tops coming off. Lots, and lots. Okay, order the replay people J.


Torrie and Stacy do the pattneted roll-over-the-coach, and Coach gets up and gets his trousers pulled down. Torrie pins Coach and Stacy counts the 3. Very, different, very, nice.


Video package of the HHH/Booker T build up rolls. No Goldust, so we can see who has gone further from the BookDust tag combination.


Match 8: HHH vs. Booker T


Both men are in the ring. It surprises me how much JR/King reference Booker’s past and being arrested etc.


HHH with some hard shots to Booker, and then to the top rope. But Book reverses with an Arm drag off the top. Both men go to the outside, where Flair nearly encounters the former G.I. Bro. Nick Patrick is the referee by the by, and he’s attempting to control Trips too much, I can see another attack-on-ref.


HHH in control, stomping Booker into the mud. However, Trips takes too long, and Booker T takes control with some hard hands. Off the ropes, HHH counters with an Arn Anderson style spinebuster slam. Two count.


The Game with an illegal choke on Booker, followed up with a closed fist. Booker returns the first with some chops, and reverses a Suplex with a HUGE DDT. Booker’s face goes all energetic, and Lawler makes ANOTHER snide comment about Book’s past. Really surprises me.


Both men on their feet, and HHH hits the facebreaker on Booker, but Book comes right back with a hard standing spinebuster. HHH on the top, but Booker counters a top rope manouver with a standing sidekick. 1, 2… KICKOUT!


Booker T is knocked to the outside, where Ric Flair hits a kneebreaker on the steel steps. Lawler is hilarious at this point, with comments like “Naich is just trying to help Booker back into the ring… oh look he’s fallen off the steps!”.


Book clambers back into the ring, and HHH works away on the left leg of the challenger. Modified version of the Indian Death Lock, not often used in American Wrestling nowadays, a very old school manouver. The move is rolled over with both men face down, applying huge pressure onto the damaged leg of the former 5 time WCW champ.


Flair is still there on the outside, acting like HHH’s cheerleader. Yeah, just imagine, Flair in a miniskirt (blue and yellow) with red pom poms. My apologies to son David for that WMania moment. Yeah, by the way, we have nothing going on in ring.


I lie, rollup by Booker T… 1, 2, KICKOUT. Attempt on the Pedigree, but Book reverses, and The Game sends Booker into the referee. But Nick Patrick is right up, counting the rollup by Booker for the 2. Scissors kick by Booker T, but no cover!


Booker going to the top, Flair tries to stop him, but Booker attacks The Nature Boy. HHH takes that opportunity to go up too, but Book sends the game to the mat. Naich gets dropped again, and Booker hits a PERFECT Harlem Hangover on HHH. Flair grabs Trips’ foot, and put it on the rope to save HHH.


Both men back up, Pedigree by Trips.. 1, 2, 3. As predicted, HHH won’t let anybody go over him, ESPECIALLY not at the biggest spectacle of the year.


Winner: Triple H


After the match, HHH drops to the floor from the pain and fatigue of the stellar match. So much better than HHH’s battles with Steiner (who is noticeable by his absence tonight), as Flair helps HHH walk away.


We’re then announced that WrestleMania 20 from New York City. Tickets will be on sale in the coming months.


Match 9: Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon – Street Fight!


Both men take their sweet time to get to the ring, but if Hogan loses he must retire, so he is allowed to take his time I guess. Hogan charges at McMahon, and takes control. Vince backed into the corner, with some hard shots. But it’s reversed, and McMahon takes control with some closed fists on Hogan.


Knee to the arm of Hogan on the canvas, and Vince is clearly trying to work away on Hulkamania’s left arm. He’s gonna kill it limb by limb I guess…


Just a reminder, this is a street fight. Anything goes. Even these poorly applied submission manouvers! Remember folks, still got Angle/Lesnar and Austin/Rock to come, so don’t go anyway.


Hogan powering out, but Vince takes control again with a hard show to the groin. Hogan powers out, and both men go chest to chest, but McMahon with a pop to the gut to send Hogan back to the Canvas. Both men to the outside, and Hulk starts to Hulk up, but McMahon floors him and mocks him.


Attempted steel chair to Hogan’s head, but McMahon misses and hits the steel post. Hogan sends McMahon head first into the steel, and starts taunting the fans with the Chair. Chair shot right into the skull of McMahon!


Vince’s face is a complete crimson mask from that chair shot, which McMahon took head on. Both men back to the outside, and Hogan has a chair again. HARD Chair shot to the back of Vince. Another one, this time to the shoulders.


A third attempt, but McMahon sucks and the Spanish announcer got clocked! Low blow by McMahon giving him the advantage. Even the Spanish announcer is busted open.


To get a picture of how McMahon looks, think Taker in the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker Hell In A Cell match. I think McMahon has bled the hard way, because his face is COVERED.


McMahon now brings out a LADDER from under the ring, and sets it up next to the ring. Hogan battling back, but McMahon shoves Hogan face first into the table.


McMahon clears the Spanish announce table from all of its monitors etc, and sets Hogan up, choking him because it’s legal. The ladder is now inbetween the two announce tables, and McMahon is on top. This is manic. McMahon sitting on top of the ladder mocking Hogan. Vince with a LEG DROP off the top of the ladder through


The Spanish announcer is taken away by two trainers, as he’s completely out cold. Hogan tossed back into the ring by McMahon, who follows him in. Cover… 1, 2…. NO, kickout! A second cover, but again, only 2.


McMahon goes to the outside and under the ring, and reaches for a metal rod. A steel pipe. A sadistic look in the eyes of McMahon. Vince sets up for a pipe shot, but Hogan low blows McMahon who drops the rod.




Roddy Piper sets up to hit McMahon… but he turns around and nails Hulk Hogan! McMahon covers… 2 COUNT!!!! LATE 2 COUNT!!! Piper leaves the ringside up the ramp.


Now, McMahon attacked referee Brian Hebner, and picks up the Steel Pipe that Piper just used to put a crimson mask on Hulk Hogan.


Coming down to the ring are two referee’s. A real referee, Mike Sparks, and the fake ref from No Way Out. Hogan is nailed with a pipe shot, and then nailed with his own patented Leg Drop. Gotta be it… 3… NO NO NO, KICKOUT. Hulk is Hulking Up!


Hogan points and wags his finger at Vince. Hogan nails Vince and then nails the Dodgy referee from Montreal, and sends him to the outside. McMahon tries to jump Hogan from behind, but Hogan says no. Boot to the face of McMahon, and Hogan is playing to the crowd. It’s time for the REAL leg drop baby. HE CONNECTS. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. The real referee counts, HOGAN WINS. HOGAN WINS. HOGAN WINS.


Winner: Hulk Hogan!


After the Hogan match, Shane McMahon comes down to the ring while Hogan is playing to the crowd. He holds his hands up to Hogan to show a sign of peace.


Hogan drops the rope so Shane can enter the ring. Both men stare each other down, and Shane nods in approval, before going over to his father to check on his status. Vince gives Hogan a middle finger salute as Hogan walks away up the ramp.


A video package for the next match, Steve Austin vs. The Rock, is up next! Austin has never lost to The Rock @ WMania. Will that change tonight…?


Match 10: The Rock vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin


Both men in the ring, and The Rock starts off with some hard right hands being exchanged between both men.


Austin is in charge, and both men are on the outside. As with most other matches tonight, Austin drops Rock onto the security walling, and then clotheslined onto the American announce table (since the Spanish one is still flattened from the match before). Austin whips The Rock into the steel steps, and then moves the match back into the ring.


Austin still in charge, stomping a mud hole in Rock, before choking him on the ropes with different styles of illegal choke. Back to the outside, Rock takes charge and throws Austin onto the American announce table. The cameraman falls over. Ha!


Austin brings the match back into the ring, and is having his left knee with the brace worked away on.


Austin battling back with some shots to the face of the Rock, but Rock takes charge again with a whip off the ropes and a kick to Austin’s face.


The Rock locks Austin in the Sharpshooter. Austin reaching for the ropes, but Rock drags him back into the middle. He finally reaches the ropes, and is in the middle down while Rock goes to the outside. The Rock puts Austin’s jacket on and mocks the Rattlesnake, and re-enters the ring.


Double Hart Attack (mid air bulldog) by both men. Both men back up, and a Lou Thesz on Rock. Trademark standing elbow by Austin, but the Rock kicks at 2. Austin backs The Scorpion King into the corner and stomps another mudhole. Rock off the ropes, reversing Austin’s elbow and hitting a flying clothesline. Rock mocks the crowd, and turns back into a Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom ON the Rock, 2 count!


Austin is set up waiting for The Rock, Austin goes for the Stunner, but Rock blocks it and hits a Stunner of his own! Goes for a stunner after a while, and gets only 2.


The Rock, still wearing Austin’s jacket, hits Austin with some hard shots to the face, but Austin counters around into a Stunner! Both men down! Austin covers… 1… 2… KICKOUT ALMOST AT 3!


Austin shoves the referee out the way, and The Rock hits a lot blow on Austin. The Rock is standing at the head of Austin, and goes for The People’s Elbow, but AUSTIN MOVES. Stunner Attempt. Countered. The Rock removes Austin’s jacket and goes fro the People’s Elbow, and HITS!!






The Rock is back up and taunting Austin to get back to his feet. He does, and he gets it with a Rock Bottom on Austin. It’s over… NO NO NO, 2, 2, 2-COUNT!


Rock waits for Austin to get back up, and goes for Another Rock Bottom. But countered. Attempt again, ROCK BOTTOM 2. HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!


Austin is damn near out cold on the canvas, and the Rock is circling him like a hawk. Austin gingerly getting to his feet, another Rock Bottom attempt, HITS IT AGAIN, A THIRD ROCK BOTTOM. IT’S ALL OVER. 3 COUNT, THE ROCK WINS!


Winner: The Rock


After the match, The Rock celebrated with his family and Austin limped away to his music. He taunted the crowd at the top, enjoying a large ovation for a good match.


A video package of the build up from the biggest Mania main event possibly ever (when you look back on it in years to come…) is upon us. Good luck to both men, but more specifically, Kurt Angle & his neck.


Match 11: Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title


Angle out first, which is surprising given he’s the champ. Then here comes the pain. Fireman’s carry by Lesnar. Armbar, and then a Fireman’s carry of his own by Angle. Shoulder knock down by Lesnar off a whip off the ropes.


Angle attempting the leg takedown, but Lesnar is strong and applies an Armbar on the left arm of the champ. Both men exchange more holds, and Angle goes to the outside. Brock follows him, and when Angle re-enters the ring, and takes charge. However that doesn’t last long. Lesnar gains control, and gorilla press slams Angle!


Both men on the outside, with Angle now back in control, elbowing the back of the head of Lesnar. Back on the inside, tight suplex on Lesnar, 2-count. Boots to the ribs of Lesnar, and then a Suplex for another 2 count.


Bow and Arrow manoeuvre locked in hard on Lesnar. Referee Mike Chiota asking if Lesnar wants to submit, the answer being no.


New move on Lesnar, locking the hand around Lesnar’s neck and putting the knee into the lower back. Brock battles to his feet, with Angle clinging onto him, and slams Kurt into two turnbuckles. Angle with a throw on Lesnar to get back in control. Knee to the back of the rib cage on Lesnar, then another, sending Brock to the outside.


Back in the ring, Brock hits a HARD spinebuster on Angle, and both men are down.


Shoulder barge and clothesline on Angle, sending Angle into corner where he shoulders to the ribs. Elbow by Lesnar, then a belly to belly release suplex, hard down on the neck of Kurt Angle. And then another. Lesnar pulls Angle to the middle of the ring, 2 count.


Angle back in charge, four consecutive German Suplexes on Lesnar. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Lesnar reverses into the F-5. Then, Angle reverses it into a front trip, and the Ankle Lock. Lesnar reaches the rope, but Angle yanks him back into the middle of the ring. Brock eventually kicks out and reaches the ropes, but he is down.


Brock sidesteps Angle in the corner, but Angle reverses and hits a 360 degree release German Suplex, turning Lesnar inside out. Can I just point out, Michael Cole has nye on completely lost his voice now. Angle Slam on Lesnar, who KICKS OUT, and Cole tells us “that is the first time anybody has kicked out of the Angle Slam, I believe”. Nah surely not?


Lesnar reverses, gets an inside cradle 2, and then an F-5 on Kurt Angle… 1, 2, 3 NO NO NO, I THOUGHT IT WAS OVER. The first man to kick out of the F-5 without the aid of Paul Heyman! Angle turns around and locks in the Ankle Lock.


Lesnar drags Angle along the canvas to the ropes, and tries to re-apply the hold, but is shoved away by Lesnar. Kick to the mid-section, small package for 2.


Angle is up for the F-5, NAILED! Lesnar isn’t going for the cover! He rolls out of the ring. Lesnar is going to the top… oh yes… please be what I think…


Lesnar went for the Shooting Star Press and kinda messed it up, landing on his head. Angle went for the 2 count. Lesnar picks up Angle, and hits a THIRD F-5. Surely its over… it is, 3 count, new champion.


Winner & New WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar


After the match, Brock is clearly in pain and has blood coming from his nose from his botched Shooting Star Press. But the match was brilliant, especially when you think that Kurt Angle is wrestling with a damn broken neck.


Both men embrace as the pyro’s roll, and WM is over. See ya next year at MSG for WM20.

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All's I gotta say is "holy shit'' (and not in he lame ECW "Holy Shit" chant kind of way) to Brock Lesnars shooting star press gone wrong.


Can't forget Piper either.

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Originally posted by A Fire Inside

All's I gotta say is "holy shit'' (and not in he lame ECW "Holy Shit" chant kind of way) to Brock Lesnars shooting star press gone wrong.


Can't forget Piper either.


Dude, done gone and fucked up! Damn!!

"Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"

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OMG I SAW THAT SHIT it was so crazy i mean what the hell was lesner thinking a shooting star!!! hes tooo fucking big. wrestlers half his size have trouble doing that move WUT AND IDIOT

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Actually Lesnar can do the Shooting Star Press quite well... this was the big moment where he was supposed to debut it to the WWE watchers. Unfortunately for him Angle was too far away, and if you watch, his footing got messed up.


A Fire Inside/Former 'rasslin nerd oner

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