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Updated American Clean Train Thread!

Mellow Mood

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transit=clean train. light rails, commuters, subways, street cars...those are transit. old historical trains that were preserved soley for the use of tourism is not a clean train. theres trains like that, usually called dinner trains or something along those lines, in lots of cities. that one in particular is a restored rio grande passenger trains from years ago that you can take out to the mountains. when i say take to the mountains i dont mean as a mode of transportation. i mean to the mts. and back. heres a clip from their website:

"The Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers the best experience of the Royal Gorge on a breathtaking, 2-hour scenic and historic train ride on the most famous portion of the former Denver & Rio Grande Western train line. The 1950's era train departs the Santa Fe Depot in Canon City, daily with up to 4 departures at: 9:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 7:00 PM see schedule."





Thank you for some real info... not just a buncha shit talking. Still some nice licks, harder than freights I'm sure.... Still no cleans

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they are old metras revamped they were bought from chicago and new logo's were put on a spiffed up the insides. they have been painted as well. i beleive soem rolled opening day.


none rolled opening day.. opening day was pushed back almost a week after the initial scedualed opening.

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dinner trains and those restored antiques are pretty much "clean trains" due to the fact that they dont run with graff on them. They are not major transit of course, but they are still risky to hit because you could catch a serious case for property damage and they are usually in somewhat difficult spots.

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