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Updated American Clean Train Thread!

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Originally posted by skrib139@Oct 18 2004, 12:56 PM

not being funny but why do people bother painting such a bunch of shit on trains? cmon man, at least fill it in properly, and whats wrong with a quick border?


if your talking about that DRO, it was probably done around 1990. back then, it wasn't cosidered mandatory to fill in solid or put borders on everything. it still looks better than some of the 10 colors but no letter structure sloppy garbage i see on euro trains or freights.

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Guest Hustleman
Originally posted by sneak@Feb 3 2005, 01:25 AM

^you cant be serious?

isnt the idea meant to be burners? bright colours, and lots of them???


a scrappy white fill, no double outline...

i think what homeboy above was talkin bout was around that time early-mid 90's in ny alot of dudes were hittin off trains with the sole intention of damaging them in a major way,,many throw ups in one nite type shit, u kno , tryin to bring back the bombed running train movement type shit,, and didnt focus on gettin up a nice piece with some moontna colors and a cloud ,border etc. as is the case across the globe now, for the most part dudes wanna get a pice up, flik it and have a flik of there well executed joint on sum nice transit..as opposed to goin on the mission just to wrek shop , and not even documenting shit to the fullest, trust me i wish id fliked every tag last tag and scrappy fill i did on transit now that im older, not tryin, ti say its cool or hardcore, but that is what was goin down at the time,,in ny at least,,and yes, of course a nice piece trumps a quik fill or whatever bla bla bla,,im jus clarifyin what i think homey was sayin,,

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