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Meet the Parents...

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That's what I was thinking, unless I'm actually going to marry the guy or have him be my umm domestic partner I don't see a point in the whole parents thing.

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I don't want to be bring anybody I'm with around my family. My mom thinks nobody is good enough. My older brother works out religiously and my dad was a judo instructor with a bad temper. They'll kick his ass.

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Guest WebsterUno






My lil one aint having a BF until she is 30!



I never really introduced my females

to my parents. If I did, I waited a while.

I was usually sneaking them in. They would

meet them when they tried sneaking out in

the morning. My mom would just smile,and

say "Hi". Dad would just smile and say "Cabrone"

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when you know your going to be geting fucked up with your famliy and you know your going to be horny around 2a.m.you bring her along.;)



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they already know exactly whats going on. I was with this one girl and she was like hey my parents want to meet you. They dont like me dating older people so just tell them that we are in the same grade.

(this was when i was about 19 and out of school and she was 18 senior)


Girls Dad: Hi. how are you?


YUCK: Fine sir, how about yourself?


Girls dad: Good. So tell me yuck....(dramatic pause).... how do you

know my daughter?


YUCK: We'll i know her through school sports sir.


Girls dad: I see. How old are you yuck?


YUCK: 18...almost 19 sir. I really like those paintings sir, where did you

get them?(Yuck tries to ease the tension.... no dice)


Girls dad: France............(another very long uncomfortable pause)... So,

yuck what are your plans for the future? Have you already

aplied for college and if so where are you going?


YUCK: Uh no sir. I procrastinated and i missed the sign up dates.


Girls dad: (no change in his facade) I see. Well what will you be

studying when you finally get around to enrolling?


YUCK: I am going to persue graphic design sir.


Girls dad: What is that? Are you going to be making video games?


YUCK: No it's art for advertisements and things like that.


Girls dad: (his facade changes to annoyance that i corrected him) I

see. Well it was nice meeting you Mr.Yuck.


He got up and left. The wife had been sitting there the whole time and

she never said anything until he left. When he was gone she said, do you want to watch a movie until "Jennifer" is done with her homework?


i was thinkin to my self "man this guy knows i nutted on his little girls

face and he's fuckin pissed."


No ma am its getting late and i have to get up early for school.








I will never go meet parents again until i am ready to get married or i am

introduced as just a friend.


thats all....

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Originally posted by vinyl junkie

dude, all the true playas know it's 4 weeks 3 days 27 minutes 12 seconds...


ahhh shit. my bust.

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Guest spec

I think if I was the father and had daughter who brough a boy home I'd be a total dickhead to him just for a laugh, relaly make him sweat it out haha. :crazy:

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