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13 Liter

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outline during a weak lecture (i actually learned a little)


yeah that top thing is for EAK (CREATURES) i got your shipment it was cool. if you read this send that thing to the same addy? i got some other stuff to send as well.


i need to scan more things. i have these awesome funny old baseball cards i stole from ates i have to scan. later

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dude... amazing. i would definitely try to buy some of your canvas work if you ever plan on selling it. if youre interested then gimme a set price and i'll try to meet it. your work is unbelievable. im really lovin the characters. as a matter of fact i think we should have a 12oz auction for canvas work in general. maybe a new thread? im sure your work will bring in some big $$$. hopefully not too big for me tho... haha. very nice work.

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be2 your stuf is so very nice.. even your doodles blow me out the water.. keep posting up.. ilike it alot..


ates.. was up man... sorry we havent talked in a bit im still down to trade stickers.. i got some ready for what ever if your still down email me .. you get on aim way to late for me...:dazed: laters

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