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San Francisco here we come...

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Guest WebsterUno

^^^hahaha, yeah, he does kill shit.

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Guest uncle-boy

looks like you had fun.:cool:



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I had such an intense time up there. I was completely overcome and overwhelmed with emotions. It was so amazing to see so many people get together and stand up for the sake of other humans. Yay.

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Guest Pseudoprep©

Fuckin RDDB RAT Scumfucks...


Pinko Commie pieces of shit. Good thing my browser only brought up red x's. If I was in town that weekend, I would PERSONALLY bearmace any motherfucking lowlife scumfuck that would degrade this country and try to demoralize it's people by carrying a banner quoting, "WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS...WHEN THEY KILL THEIR OFFICERS."


What if that "officer" was your father? Or your brother? I know many friends and personal close family members who are over there right now. And to have some low life coked up vegan piece of shit asshole carrying a sign like that is just a red flag...oops, nay a "green" flag for me letting myself know that all you leftwing pieces of shit antiamerican muslim supporting FUCKS are just a virus on the free society that we live in. FUCK YOU.




WASHINGTON, March 23 (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Sunday identified an American soldier apparently killed by a hand grenade thrown by another U.S. soldier in Kuwait as Army Capt. Christopher Scott Seifert, 27.


The news release said no home-of-record was available for Seifert, who was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


In Kuwait earlier, a U.S. military source said one soldier was killed and 15 others seriously wounded early on Sunday when a "Muslim" American serviceman rolled hand grenades into their tents and then fired upon them with a machine gun.


The suspect, a sergeant from an engineering unit, was detained shortly after the early morning attack at a tented command center in Kuwait.


Brigade commander Col. Ben Hodges, who suffered a slight flesh wound in the attack, said a grenade was rolled into each of three tents at the command area at Camp Pennsylvania, the Kuwait base for the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division.



Fuck Mr. "Fidel Cools"


And In memorium:


Posted on Mon, Mar. 24, 2003

In Tribute





Captain, 101st Airborne Division

Base: Fort Campbell, Ky.

On Saturday, Christopher Seifert's family heard television reports that a soldier had thrown grenades into tents and then fired a machine gun on fellow officers at Camp Pennsylvania, home to soldiers from the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq. They waited for a reassuring e-mail message from Chris, an Army captain with the unit. Nothing arrived.

On Sunday morning, a dark car pulled up in front of the Seifert house, said a neighbor and family friend, Ann Keeney. It was an Army official, bearing the worst of news. Seifert had been killed.

"You hope for the best when you know someone so well that goes into any type of combat," Keeney said. "But if something happens to him, you expect him to die in some type of battle. You don't expect a man from the unit to do something like this. I think that makes it so much harder. Not that it's not hard enough."

Christopher Seifert grew up in rural Williams Township, Pa., an only child. He went to nearby Moravian College, which is where, she said, he met Theresa Flowers. The couple married four years ago, in the Moravian chapel.

Seifert, 27, had been stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky., where he was assigned to the 101st Airborne. He and his wife had recently bought a house there, and about four months ago, they had celebrated the arrival of their first child, Benjamin.

His family spoke with Seifert by telephone Friday.

"He didn't sound real depressed about being over there, which they were happy about," said Keeney, who had heard about the conversation from Helen Seifert, his mother. "He said things were going very well." --:mad:

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Guest Pseudoprep©

Sedition for the sedated.


You people make me sick to my stomache.


Yes, you can speak freely and voice your moronic opinions, and SO CAN I. Hell, I can voice my FACTS. Do you believe these MORONS? These people (the leftwinger psychopaths) present a clear and present danger to themselves. They're dangerous. Can't these dimwits see that if they were alive in 1940 and their BULLSHIT pacifism had ruled, they would be speaking German or they'd be a lampshade?

Well, the peaceniks might as well get in the boxcars now. And You graffiti assholes might like that. The fact of the matter is, war DOES bring peace. Look at World War II. The idiots don't even know their own history. Hitler was killed. That was the end of the war. And WAR BROUGHT fifty years peace, more or less. So, ladies and gentlemen, watch out for the big lies coming out of the bigmouthed liars on the left. They will bury all of us if we don't stop them before they stop us. DON'T LISTEN TO THE ANTIWAR PROTESTERS. And DONT BE FOOLED. These rats are nothing more than a new form of the virulence called Communism, socialism, or fascism. In the past, they came out under the guise of antiglobalists. They've shifted gears to "antiwar". They're the same plague and pox that almost destroyed this country from within in the 1960's. They need to be constrained until the war effort is over. WHY? Because they are out there on the streets TRYING to support this "so-called" belief in global peace by doing the complete opposite. They hold signs glorifying the MURDER of OUR OWN UNITED STATES ARMY CAPTAINS by a newly convert to muslim who infact is one of our "own." They get in the way of everyday business and needed roads trying to block US from going about our own daily lives. What if your little brother or sister was dying in a car having a massive heart attack when you were trying to get through one of these "blocked" streets. These vermin are no less murderers than those lunatics that crashed OUR own planes into the TRADE TOWERS and PENTAGON. And Something needs to be done about them NOW! They can be detained for aiding and abetting the enemy under the laws governing SEDITION. And that is exactly what you "peaceniks" are doing.


YES, SEDITION exists. It's time we constrained them. You can find out more by visiting: http://www.paulreveresociety.com .SAVE AMERICA. BOMB the five capitals of terror if THEY don't stop their reign of murder and get this dirty war over with. And I'm NOT sorry if that sounds intolerant.



The peacenik movement which many of you MORONS belong to has gone into high gear, having recieved their marching orders from Commu-Nazi Central Command. You should know that the "peace-movement" is nothing but a COLLABORATIONIST movement and, like the rats they are, they're weakening the resolve of our troops, they're undermining the public confidence in the war effort, and once again I will tell you, they should be detained for investigation of sedition. These protesters all have one line. I've heard it a million times, even today from a "fellow 12ozer" i was chatting with online until their moronic babbling gave me such a headache that I deleted them from my computer and my mind. I have other things to do, and am on a road towards a RIGHT agenda. These programmed sheeple say, "While we have great sympathy for the tragedy of September 11th, additional deaths will not bring peace. War does not bring peace." Gee, maybe the passengers on the airplanes heading for the twin towers should have joined hands and sung, "All you need is love." Personally, I think shouting, "LETS ROLL!!!" and then tackling the scumfucks that were slicing the throats of our flight attendants and passengers would be more effective.


Now don't listen to me, go turn on CNN which is worse than aljazeera and listen to wolfie ramble on and on with his extremist leftregime. Listen to fatass college dropouts who get on stage at the oscars and backstab OUR FREE COUNTRY. I am very glad that that asshole Michael Moore got more than 80% of the crowd booing his fatass of the stage. Even Steve Martin joined in on the pro-war effort, praising our troops and dedicating the oscars to them. He even joked about the directors of a 9-11 documentary shoving mr. moore's Fat ass into the trunk of his own limo. Now thats comedy. I wish it was a reality. Scum like mike moore need to be rubbed out.


And as far as the whole freedom thing goes...SUPPORT OUR troops and be fuckin extatic that you are living in a FREE country, most likely drinking a beer and staring mindlessly at your computerscreen while eating some pizza. If it wasn't for their effort and OUR past war heroes, we'd probabbly be bars of soap. And most of you probably would like it that way.


Good night.

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Guest ModelCitizen

Pseudoprep is pissed!


This guy should be out shooting iraqis instead of typing shit on his computer. That kind of angst could go a long way in a firefight.


The "50 years of peace" statement was definitely bold.

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Guest Pseudoprep©
Originally posted by Esai

Id call him more stupid than bold. Go dive on a grenade young republican



Man, don't even get me started. I wish KABAR would come onto this thread and drop some more knowledge on you ingrates. I am bored teetering around the bush with you pathetic mental dropouts. Your wisdom barely surpasses that of a common fruitfly. Do your homework lad.




Colt45 Speaking HIS mind, so we don't have to listen to YOURS.


Action is more powerful than words. LAD.

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