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el nervo

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First off sorry its been so long been in and on the move as most of you all know so without any dely I am now going to answer some of the questions.Question1 iis there any other crews in saint louis besides tko yes LD no other .Question 2 there is anothere aka i would like to add to the list for durag aka. milf mom boy. Question3 is juicy juice full of shit that is a big yes as always. question4 Is it true that there is no crew that will fuck you better Yes that is true. And Last question5 will we see more of the notorious LD crew. That my friends is fo sho.AGES LD

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<span style='color:limegreen'><span style='font-family:courier new'>When I exclaimed my pleasure at viewing this fantastic assortment of photos, the naked girls engaged in a daisy chain on the floor behind me (one's a native american, one's a punk rocker, one's a lesbian, and one's hispanic) started moaning things like "spank your tits, bitch" and "psychopussy"--but anyway... ;) </span> </span>




--Anonymous hermit

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yea i got some of the flicks developed but there is a couple that a still on a roll but it will be finished by this weekend.and if you guys ever need a place to stay i'll make sure your takin care of.I dont know if you guys know this writer but he writes coup and he kicked it out here for a couple of days and got up.so just give me a call or whatever.late

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Guest rod stewart

hey c-walk


i got cash 3's number. i even got his baby momma number, i got his grandmomma house phone number, i got his sister number,and i also got the number to the phone by the park bench he be kickin it at. he's got the mega player couch soaked in beer waiting for your ass.

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What Up St. Louie


Yo what up mobstaz PRRRRRRr! (bird call and shit dawg!!!) haha, but yeah just seein whats good... makin sure everyone is on point, well yeah HollA atcha boy to the guys i know...email tip, phone tip, wahtever...hopefully the next painting session is sooner than later. Aight then ONE!

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