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war graff (no worn-out sydney opera house shit neither)

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in case you all havent caught this shit already...


zarjaz, skire, frame, erase, crack15, busk, mute and Ikie



frame & erase (how long do you figure it took these niggas to do all that honeycomb shit in the background fill?.. jesus)



fear, shok1, dreph



apparently the mayor of france asked bears, oedipe, ioye(vmd), lazzo, and kongo(mac) to hit this shit up.. (PARIS AGAINST WAR)



not really a wall, but dope nonetheless...SWARM




any of you otha niggas got some warish type shit to contribute plz do so (anyone got that article from (not sure of exact date..99?) source about those kids that painted the "bombs over america" truck and were shortly after labeled as terrorists by whatever city it was they did it in?)


flix courtesy of artcrimes...... ..(more to come... .. .)...

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shit.. looks like the flix got shrunk somehow.. my bad, ima have to try and figure out this trickass image posting shit.. [EDIT] nevermind, fixed em... ..

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madeyoulook, haha.


more war/9-11ish shit...


Jat, Mere, Leia, Bisc, Ars



utc crew






pink, smith erni



ip2 crew



theory/rove (originally posted up on 12oz for the first time i think)



kiaz... :eek:



.. ...i know all the 9/11 shit is pretty played out, but i couldnt help myself.. more to come... .. post up any shit you might have in the meantime.... ...

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not sure if this is 'warish' or not. i think they're supposed to be tattoos, but it reminded me of soviet propaganda posters.




Omni, Verge, Aroe NT in brighton, UK. stolen from www.againsthegrain.plus.com


*edit: the piece on the right might say 'no to war', i can't tell.


*2nd edit: no it bloody doesn't.

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Let us pray, for the world not to come to end today.

Hopefully we will live on, or die happilly.

peqce, please peqce.


PS: Nice MURALS, the best art, is art with meaning, with reasons, with messages.

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i agree, and also pray for the safety of the world in such harsh times..

god fucking knows where we'll be a month from now (im assuming living amongst pile after endless pile of rubble and debris).. :confused:

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not to take away from all the burners (all hot), here are some kids risking it for their cause... just some random flicks..


seriously, id love to see more of the type of shit FATCAPONE posted up there.. productions are good, but messages like that can burn too.. dont hesitate to throw up similar flix if you got em... .. ..

same goes for the kinda stuff m.googans posted up.. ..

keep em coming boys... more to come from me too... ..



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