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Exactly, the nu-waver faggot cant come up with a good comeback, so he ignores the facts and makes a fool out of himself by changing up the bands names into something lame just like the other bands that he listens to.


Next time you try to act like you know what you're talking about.. actually KNOW what you're talking about. Stick to your nu-wave bullshit, homie.

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I'm pretty sure he just gave you examples of a handful of guitarists who all slay your boy in Veil Of Maya, but you ignored that and poorly changed their names in an attempt at a diss. I'm also pretty sure that between facemelt and the other metalheads on here, they could give you a few hundred bands who's guitarists all shit on some shitty numetalcore guitarist who you've hung out with, and that'd just be the tip of the iceberg.

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man you guys really suck each others dicks on here.

Ha. You're the one riding a mediocre guitarist's jock like there's no tomorrow. We're just defending our thread because a couple times every month or so, someone like you wanders in claiming some shitty band is the best hardcore band, when they have nothing at all to do with hardcore or punk in the least.


If you're looking for tech guitar players, go find the DM/BM/grind/whatever thread that should be floating around on the first few pages of this forum. If this thread was for tech guitar playing, it wouldn't be called the HARDCORE thread.


PS: its spelled "homie" not "hommie". Geriatric fuck.

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Im certainly not an 'old-head' .. Ive just been exposed around punk/hardcore/DIY/grindcore/metal scene for a long time to actually know what's credible and what isnt, in which your case, is not. Those 'death metalcore' bands that you listen to are nothing but a fucking trend, which is worse than the emo bullshit. You've got absolutely no knowledge of what's around you, and I doubt that you even know anything about the bands that Ive mentioned before.


And if you've hung out with 'over half of them', then you should know better than to compare your egotistical bands that do it for the shitty mediocre 'musicianship' with 'political bullshit' bands that have been around for a long time.


Know your shit, fool.



And dont try to front like you got a PROP instead of a negaprop. even if you click on 'disapprove' it still shows up on User CP and it looks like a prop, but it really isnt. You're stupider than I fucking thought.


You mad :lol::lol::lol:

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Maybe Ringworm too. But yeah, that does not look appealing to me at all. Mainly due to the list of bands, but also because the prospect of a 3 day, 45+ band fest is waaaaaayyyyyy too much (unless of course, said fest is Chaos in Tejas, all the shows are held in bars and basements, and the list of bands playing is phenomenal). Thats just me personally though.

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should be getting a press pass to this to shoot photos, either way i'm definitely stoked for it




7 Seconds

Youth Brigade

Strike Anywhere


A Wilhelm Scream


Asshole Parade

Shook Ones


Crime in Stereo

Polar Bear Club




Pulling Teeth

Trash Talk




Hour of the Wolf




Religious as Fuck

and about 200+ more (not exaggerating)

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