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one of the worst decisions i ever made was selling my original filth live the chaos back patch i got from a guy who got it from a guy who got it at the show they played in my town in 91 or 92? it got passed to 5 different people before my room mate bought it and is just saving it. but i didn't sell the 7" i also bought from the said guy who got it from the other said guy.

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i saw sick of it all a couple weeks ago.

the show was cool but anything past scratch the surface kinda sucks

there are like 2-3 great songs per album that make the exception but that fast hardcore with no breakdowns just isnt my thing.

i am however happy to see that they are still around, they are great guys, super nice.



DRI was awesome and its basically because they play all of their old shit in a 2 hour set.

i have not been to a thrash/metal show since i was a kid and i sound like such a grumpy old man

but god i can't stand circle pits and slam dancing in general anymore.


Nice I'm supposed to see them on feb. 27th. Just saw Acacia strain/Whitechapel last night, and you people would not believe how many of the choppy/hair tight pants crew showed up, and how many EMTs needed to show up afterwards.

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^^Thats exactly the type of crowd I imagine for The Acacia Strain and Whitechapel... That's like saying you're surprised there were scenekids at an Emmure and Suicide Silence show...



cosigned. bands like the acacia strain and whitechapel are fucking gay. music for kids to pretend they're into hardcore.

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I posted this somewhere, but i don't think it was here. Not "hardcore" at all.


Newest offering from Fag Cop:





For those who haven't already listened to and hated Fag Cop, it's really really fucking blown out, almost-kinda-sometimes garage punk filth. I posted their older stuff a handful of times, so if this is up your alley, you can find that. Their other stuff doesn't have any of the female vocalist.


Edit: for good measure, here's a youtube link to a song not on any of their albums that i've posted (though i've posted this video numerous times):

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no thanks man.

i cant listen to music that represents such a joke of a community.

i used to think metal heads were the biggest faggots alive.

until i took a step back and peeped the "hardcore" scene.

the hardcore scene would not exist if it werent for the internet.

a bunch of pussies and internet witty nerds.

you fools who listen to that obnoxious ass yak bak quality bullshit clearly have never played any instruments.

no respect for a band of musicians who cant play their instruments or distinguish bad quality from good quality.

but yeah man, sxe fer lyfe.

you same fools also listen to lil wayne and drake.

hardcore is a scene of followers and white niggers.

i like hardcore music, not bullshit recorded on a toy recorder.

punk is dead, put effort into your music.




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Sorry, I haven't gave a shit about the "hardcore scene" for years and years. You're barking up the wrong tree. Also, you seem to forget that pretty much all punk and the precursors to your shitty hardcore were recorded on 4 tracks or "toy recorders" for decades, but I'll cut you some slack since I'm sure you're a teenager.


Posting a ridiculously generic hardcore band isn't helping your case about putting effort into your music either.

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