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Added to my small vinyl collection today. I'm sick of my player though, i've just got a shitty USB turntable hooked up to some nicer computer speakers.


This seems to be the biggest collection of vinyl owners in a music thread, so I figured I'd ask here- I'm looking for a replacement turntable and stereo system, I'm looking for something I can find used pretty easily and is moderately priced. Any suggestions?

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I got a 30 year old Quanta 400. Apparantely it was a piece of shit back in the day. Works fine and dandy. Got the table which is a 33 and 45 rpm belt driven table for 50 including two small advent speakers.


Those speakers are nize. But I would really like to splurge and get some Klipsch.

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Straight Edge Hardcore. Bunch of young kids that know what they're doing. (DEADBEAT):




Postive dudes who play good fucking hardcore (Stick Together):





Incendiary and Suburban Scum Split. Hop on this if you already haven't. Also download the Incendiary LP and Demo. They go hard in the paint:





TURNSTILE. Hop on this shit if you haven't, you won't regret it:



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I know these guys aren't strictly "hardcore" but they fucking rip. If you're not down with Black Breath do so IMMEDIATELY.


^ hardest song ever


"Razor to Oblivion" demo- http://www.mediafire.com/?ymozdjjmzft


"Heavy Breathing" ep- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=14R8AIWU


I've also got some 7"s coming in the next week.... fucking vinyl collective sucking away my paycheck. Here's what's coming-


Alpha And Omega - S/T (Blue) /600

Colin Of Arabia/Product of Waste - Boy to Man, Man to Beast (gray)/125 (No Cover)

Ruiner/Day Of The Dead - Split (Black) /1000

Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money - Split (Black)

Trash Talk/Steel Trap - Split (Dank Weed)

Wolf Whistle - Demo 2007 (Black)

Colin Of Arabia - Snitch (1/2 Red 1/2 Green) /250

Outbreak - Work To Death (White Black Splatter) /700

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i saw sick of it all a couple weeks ago.

the show was cool but anything past scratch the surface kinda sucks

there are like 2-3 great songs per album that make the exception but that fast hardcore with no breakdowns just isnt my thing.

i am however happy to see that they are still around, they are great guys, super nice.



DRI was awesome and its basically because they play all of their old shit in a 2 hour set.

i have not been to a thrash/metal show since i was a kid and i sound like such a grumpy old man

but god i can't stand circle pits and slam dancing in general anymore.

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i can't play an instrument so perhaps i'm not using the proper musical terminology here.

the music pace slows down then hits a switching point where you could insert a 1,2,3 go..

and do a hardcore jump that would impress your friends

the music then changes into a fast pace/or different melody where you could then run around

pickin up change while exchanging punches & sweat with your bro dogs

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tough guy throw down hardcore? my ol head once told me that my city used to have mixed hardcore and punk scenes where kids would circle pit during the fast parts and throw down during the break downs and it was whatever. now its sub genre this an that but its all the same shit. i'm pissed i missed the death camp show tonight. if i knew it wasn't gonna be a blizzard out i would have walked.

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