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Re: stolen from kgkass.com...



O yeaaa I wanna fuck that std infected crack bitch on a pile of rusty metal and crack needles. i'm gonna bust a nut ooooo

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Wow, judging by the negative comments on every single girl here, I have to make the assumption that everyone of you here must look so good to the ladies that you only fuck supermodels. Am I right?


On the real I can't get some of you cats. You can only see the lower part of the broads stomach and you gonna call her a crack head?


The Internet is a funny place when it comes to shit like this. Sometimes it seems to work the other way around too. I've seen threads where a girl will have half of her face covered and niggas jump on her like she's gold.


And by the way, if you wouldn't fuck that Nina broad (as if you actually had a chance), I'd have to question your sexuality. No, she's not top-notch or nothing, she's a little pasty but she's fuckable.


I've fucked worse.

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