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Giving Tree

giving tree wants to know...

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since i might die right now, there are a few things i've always wanted to know.. i'll just ask, and you guys can let me know, so i can feel fufilled in life before i go to the pearly gates for being too dumb to leave my appartment.




1) whats that water stuff in corn? is that like corn juice? or do they just add a bunch of water to it? same goes for pees.. and beans.



2) will deodorant/antiperspirant really give me alsheimers?



3) think little kim would fuck me? even as like a dying wish type thing? i want to kiss that woman soo bad. fuck the fact that she's had like 100 billion dicks in her mouth.. she's my angel.

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natural gas has been seeping into my lungs for about 5 hours.. and i feel kinda sick, but since giving tree has no insurance, and doesnt care that much to be cold, he's going to sit here and let the shit fester in his lungs.. see the natural gas poisoning thread..


i dont think she has herpies.. she's got like a few million dollars.. im sure for a million dollars there is a cure for herpies..


look at magic johnson.. that nigga had AIDS, and he's STILL rockin his purple gold shorts, now its at the local gym..



that just proves my point.. you can always live with something, so long as you can afford it.




another question:


4) at what point did a game like baseball sound like a good idea? "i'll throw this fucking rock at you, and you try to hit it with a stick right back at me!!"

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i'm most interested in the little kim thing..


post pics of her for me...



i just drank some thera-flu cuz i feel sick to my stomach.. bad move i bet.

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