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I am going to italy pretty soon.

suburbian bum

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hey man have fun in italy........but id watch out if i were you

my sister told me a while ago that the gypsies there will rob u blind


theyll have u hold their baby and while your holding the baby they pickpocket you and stuff


my sister told me that you should just ignore them because if you say something back to them it just gives them a reason to keep talkin to you and steal from you.


on the plus side if you hold the baby my suggestion is A-scram and sell the baby

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Suburbian, you will not find hotter girls than in Rome. Honestly, I lived there last year for four months. The shit was ridiculous. My roommate sat outside and videotaped girls asses for a day. Walk up and down Via Del Corso (its one of the main streets and its where I lived) any evening from about four till it gets dark. The whole street gets closed down to cars and people just walk up and down. The girls are amazing. The pizza in Rome is the best, the fish in Venice is good. The gelato in Rome is the best thing you will ever eat. Don't go a day without getting at least one cone. You won't ever eat american ice cream again. And the Spanish Steps in Rome. Go there during the afternoon. Thats where everybody goes to chill and watch people. There will be girls there as well hopefully. Mostly high school girls, but thats okay over there. You'll see 30 year old dudes with like 13 year old girls there. So hit as much as possible while you are there. Oh, and the girls are really good looking in Italy.

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Originally posted by Europe

This thread actually has info. Have a nice one in Italy, go see a football game.



go see one live, because if you watch it on tv youll just be watching smoke from the burning stadium. every fucking time they light that place on fire....

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tiester's right...you won't find hotter women than in italy. when you're in florence, i recommend checking out the duomo church (sp) donatello did all of the stained glass and right across the way there's another church type deal where michaelangelo did the the gold plating on the doors. i'd say check it out at night though, the place is crawling with tourists throughout the day. fuck, i'm jealous as hell, florence is my favorite city in the world. have a birre moretti for me.

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