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Fucked up Trippy Movies.

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Ok tonight I'm going to be really fucked up, so i want to rent a really trippy movie. Some examples of movies i found trippy were:


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Requiem for a Dream



The Wall

Memento (just the direction of it was trippy)

Run Lola Run ( just the direction again)

Fight Club


Any suggestions you might have?

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you basically named all the drug ones. donnie darko is pretty fucked up on a philosiphical level. haha, i know what you should do!!! GET DRUNK AND WATCH WAKING LIFE! you wont understand anything, and i will be laughing just thinking about it.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Dead man, jim jarmusch


The cube, some canadian indy dude


Lots more i cant think or translate at the moment

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You know, watching really messed up movies while being really messed up yourself isn't always a hot idea.....


Just letting you know :o

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ooh man...dont watch requiem for a dream!!!you ll get really angry and throw stuff at the tv if u do.....romperstomper is a dope movie...if u like to see nazi s get beat up.....

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Guest westy



monsters inc.

one flew over the cuckoos nest

big lebowski

basketball diaries

full metal jacket

lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

boon dock saints

lost boys


many many more..



and then listen to some of Steven Jesse Berstein's poetry; primo shit.

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But I'm a Cheerleader

Slums of Beverly Hills


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i have to promote this movie to the fullest. Very odd. Watch it fucked up and then go back and watch it sober

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The Game - hopefully will indice you to kill Michael Douglas...for his wife

The Spanish Prisoner - hopefully will induce you to kill women

Easy Rider - hopefully will induce you to kill hicks and southeners

Final Fantasty - hopefully will induce you to kill politicians and bad mana

The Limey - hopefully will induce you to kill Hollywood executives

American Psycho - hopefully will induce you to kill everyone

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Originally posted by KING BLING

The Spanish Prisoner



This is a Steve Martin movie right?

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Originally posted by sneak

id go with fear and loathing


I'm tryng to find films I havent seen.

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you guys are all sleeping...

get some 40s and Blunts and watch





by Alejandro Jodorowsky


from IMDB.com


internet movie database...


It's a violent, brutal, to some confusing, but fascinating and ultimately a brilliant allegorical film. It was the first of the midnight cult films.


Unrelenting at times. There are several characters and situations the protagonist experiences. Each of these characters and situations have a connection to various (mostly Eastern) religions. The feel of the first part is almost like a mid-period Fellini spaghetti western (had Fellini made a spaghetti western--which he did not). The second half of the film has an entirely different feel, message and pacing. The second half of the film is an allegory of the New Testament. Eventually it does all tie together however.


There seems to be a scene missing at about the mid-point of the film, and a characters motivation suddenly changes. Jodorowsky explained it was mostly intentional, but, two shots were ruined and never re-shot which would have helped set up a more discernible meaning to the scene in question. It occurs between the women in the desert.


Jodorowsky will not explain in detail all that he was going for in the film. He considers the film an Eastern.... he agrees that my interpretation of various characters embodying Eastern religion and philosophy is correct. He also was creating a film of emotions, violence, salvation, and redemption---so he intentionally did not follow the expected structure of most films regarding first, second and third acts and when major conflicts occur.


He flippantly agreed with some New York critics years ago who described the film as one which seemed to be a filmed version of a very strange L.S.D. trip. He had a lengthy conversation which was published and used as liner notes in the El TOPO soundtrack album which talked about the film in terms of it being something akin to a LSD trip. But Jodorowsky said, you certainly don't need LSD to enjoy it, it's already been done for you.


This was not something he was serious about it. But being 1969, and after having trouble getting a distributor for the film in the first place, and now watching the film having moderate success as a midnight cult film and amongst college students he decided it was good for the film to agree that the N.Y. critics were partially correct.


It is at times an extremely disturbing film. I thought I detected more than a little of misogyny in the film-- --however, as Jodorowsky essentially told me--none has been intended, except that the world now, like in the past, has always brutalized women and men have insisted on brutalizing themselves.


Seeing it with an audience in a theater also means you can discuss it with people of all types. Reactions to the film are all over the map. Most agree it is art---- many don't like the film---many find it too disturbing, too violent, too sacrilegious, too scattered. Others disagree over the various messages and meanings they receive from the film. Others just 'enjoy' it as a wild, weird, disturbing film.


Usually video copies of the film are from Japanese laserdiscs which fog all pubic hair. It looks strange if you are not familiar with this.


It is a film akin to an Opera. Although it was extremely low-budget, the film is an epic and has, if not a big budget feel to it, an impressive grandeur and sweep that few films achieve.


Filmed over a course of nearly three years, the filmmakers twice were stranded for weeks without supplies and without money. This film was started in 1964/65, completed and originally set for release in 1967/68, it predates The Wild Bunch, Easy Rider and other 60's landmarks.... It was a true labor of love to finish the film. And then the film was banned in several countries.


It is not in general release. For many years from the late 70's to the mid 90's it was rarely if ever shown.


A few years ago I revisited the film in a theatre and had the opportunity to discuss it as an audience member and later on one with Jodorowsky. His other film Sante Sangre is also quite good in my opinion, but I am not a fan of his Holy Mountain. Other films he has been involved with are of lesser value. He was a good friend of Fellini's and may someday direct Fellini's script of Don Quixote. He is working on Son of El Topo, but not sure when it will be released and who will distribute it.


El Topo began a nearly 5 year run as a midnight film and often sold out. It started in a small Greenwich Village theatre in New York City. After a few years of success in NYC, other prints were distributed to college campuses and for midnight shows in other cities. It became a modest hit!


One word. Surreal!! I mean really Surreal!!!! I didn't realize what I would be experiencing when I rented this, but it is without question one of the most bizarre trips you'll ever witness in your life!!!!


SURREALIST SPOILER In short, Christ explores a world with a near limb-less handicapped man (often carrying him on his back)....the two venture in to town where Asian tourists are murdered execution style by soldiers wearing gas masks....while on-lookers in Sombreros take photos. Then Christ and the little man get hired by small circus to showcase a battle between Frogs and Chameleons in miniature Spanish conquistadors uniforms ..... Christ then gets drunk with Romans who make a mold of him and duplicate him... Christ gets angry and destroys the duplications (but keeps one for himself)...then runs into an Army of Mary Magdalen prostitutes...... This film also explores a surreal point of view on Astrology. In other words the planets and their influence on this incredibly bizarre world!!! END SURREALIST SPOILER


I realize that words can not even begin to describe this film, so I'll stop my self prematurely. You'll simply have to see it to believe it.


The first thing that popped in to my head when watching this film was a video documentary I once saw about the "1st generation of film-school directors". When Martin Scorsese was in NYU's film school he described seeing films from ULCA and USC that were very "psychedelic and "slick". The documentary then showed clips of dwarfs on psychedelic sets with very strange visual effects. One could clearly see that the west coast "psychedelic" style was much different than the east coast "tough lower east-side" style. Scorsese explained it with much laughter: "They had more powerful drugs on the west coast than we did on the east coast."


I don't know much about Alejandro Jodorowsky film career, but I don't think this film was simply conceived out of a drug induced state. Jodorowsky is a masterful surrealist and of course, artist. He had to be influenced by Dali at some point. As for the surrealist movement in general, cheers to those who stray from the beaten path, otherwise everything (much like Hollywood) would be the same story told over and over again in a different way. Surrealist film makers are the true engineers of film. Instead of advancing the technology of film itself, Surrealists advance the technology of telling a story by taking huge risks which may make the characters or outcome un-likeable by many. These so called "risks" are often regarded as crap by the more feeble minded and conceptual breakthroughs by the more open minded.


This film is astonishing, disturbing and just plain weird. I really enjoyed it!!!

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Guest ikueism

ohhh the most rippy movie specially made for people getting fucked up:

One Big Trip

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