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Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches

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This was done before you even thought about it....




Glad to see you back around man, hows the kids?

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ways renegade



hopefully ill have the others tomorrow....



Damn y'all if you're ever bored or feeling nostalgic,

take a stroll back to around pg. 200 of this thread.

Goddamn this shit was poppin around '08.

I know cats grow up and what not but just saying

peace to all my Chicago homies.

Stay stylish Gent$.


Final Thoughts:


- Thank you Labrador for hooking up the killer sketch big dhaggie.

(I wanted to hit you off with a fresh doodle myself...currently on my 3rd attempt).

- Hope to post some new stuff soon but haven't been feelin a lot of my recent ish honestly.

- Rest In Peace Afroe.

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Wow your biting that SK hard off of SKER WAI SLUTS, fuckin sad yo want proof?

INbox me and ill show you

#fuckin new jack!

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